Sunday, March 21, 2010

New products at Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

I spy new products at Giorgio Armani and simply had to share. I have been lemming the Face Fabric for quite sometime now. I was given a sample but it was too dark for me. But when I tried it on my hand I was pleasantly surprised at how silky smoth it felt.

While I was looking through the GA website I spied two new and interesting items. Check them out.

Face Fabric Radiance

Taken from the website:

Your favorite cream to powder foundation now reformulated with an exclusive Micro Fil™ light fluid pigment that seamlessly applies like a sheer second skin. The result: a radiant luminescent glow.

It comes on three shades: 1 - fair, 2 - medium and 3 - medium dark

Blushing Fabric

Taken from the website

A micro-blend of water soluble pigments create a luminous fabric-like finish with incredible transparency. Inspired by Armani's finest couture fabrics, this sensuously textiled color wraps skin in weightless perfection.

It comes in uninspiring numbers with no colour description.



I'm kinda leaning towards number 2 for a nude rose look.

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