Saturday, March 20, 2010

My 10th year wedding anniversary

I just got back from spending the nicest most pampered time ever at the Fullerton Hotel. It was my DH and my 10th anniversary and DH wanted to treat me to a luxurious hotel stay. We did not have too many vacation days to go to a nearby country so he decided to book us into our favourite hotel, Fullerton.

In order to make it special, he book us into a junior suite. To be honest, I have never stayed in a suite before so it was very special for me. Well the suite wasn't up to our expectations and we actually decided to downgrade into the normal rooms we stayed in. Well because it was our anniversary, the guys at Fullerton really made it special by upgrading us to the duplex suite. It was a loft suite!!! Our eyes popped out!

This is our balcony for three days. It is connected to the other rooms. It was so lovely to just sip a cup of coffee and watch the world go by from these lounge chairs.

We had our own expresso machine with all the different types of coffee.

Chocolates everyday! Oh my! Any a lovely bouquet of roses from DH.

We visited Singapore Art Museum where we were married. And also CHIJMES where we had our chinese wedding dinner.

We also met up with some very good friends and had dinner together. We had the best time ever.

GA Fluid Master
GA Lasting UV Foundation
GA Pressed Powder

MAC Just a pinch gel blush

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Dior Quint: Sky Glow
Stila Smudgepot in Black

YSL Everlong Mascara

Dior Serum de rouge in Rosewood serum


  1. OMG I could totally live the rest of my life in that hotel! *____*
    Then you had a great time! You deserved it! And travelling too another country is so tiring...but here you could relax!^^

    BTW, I tried to reply on Facebook, but you were already off line =D

  2. Yup I had to tend to something else, no worries. How have you been?

  3. Where is this hotel?! I was in Singapore in February :) I'd love to go back and stay at this place!!! I stayed close to the airport, unfortunately, because I didn't know any better! I LOVED it there! Especially Clarke Quay and Chijmes!

  4. Hey Lil Asian Girl, This is Fullerton and it is very near the Merlion and near Clark Quay area. Did you enjoy your stay? Well if you ever want hotel recs please let me know. I can tell you which are the places you have to visit.

  5. I'll remember that! I just showed my husband the pics too lol We stayed at the Paramount. I will never stay there again. lol I did enjoy the stay though - minus the hellacious sunburn I got! haha

  6. Oh dear Lil Asian Girl, did you spend time at the beach? Must always put sunblock when you are out and about, the sun here is so unforgiving.

  7. lol I *usually* don't burn. But I didn't take into consideration the proximity of Singapore to the equator...and being on the roof of our hotel to go to the pool. We were only up there for an hour, and I've NEVER burned that quickly before! Lesson definitely learned! lol


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