Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MAC Blush Ombre Ripe Peach Review

I have been trying my best to stick to my New Year Resolution to buy only one makeup item. You know I blew it on a recent Too Faced, Smashbox, Stila etc haul. I was doing my best to resist. I've been studiously trying to curb my lemmings but hoenestly when MAC comes out with a blush like this, how is a blush fanatic about to say no.

Ripe Peach is about the most sought after MAC Blush from the Spring Forecast collection. It looks so pretty in the pan. I wasn't really sure I would buy this. I did not want to give into the hype. But when you keep reading about how everyone raves about this and how fast it is sold out. it is very hard for a makeup addict like me not buy it.

I happened to be in Vivocity two days back to have my nails done. MAC had a Spring Forecast launch. It looked quite underwhelming to me. I popped in to take a look at Ripe Peach and try my luck and ask if there were stocks available. I was expecting it to be sold out. When the MA said they had it, it was very automatic for me to say I'll get it.

I felt it is very necessaryto enlarge this so you can see how beautiful it is in all it's glory.

In my opinion it is nothing like Nars Orgasm. It is much brighter, more matt, less shimmery and has more pink.

The swatch on the far right is the orange portion and the one in the middle is the pink portion. When mixed, it is the swatch on the far left. It doesn't feel chalky.

This is how it looks on my NC35 cheeks. Please excuse the brown spots and acne scars.

I did not layer this with any cream/gel blushes underneath so what you see is what you get. It is a bright colour. With a fluffy brush, you won't overdo it and get clown cheeks. It really is a suitable shade for summer. Bright and happy.

I paid SGD $45 for it. It is quite a large pan, probably take me a long while to use it up. I'm quite happy with this buy.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. Hi babe..

    You're really hauling blushes like mad! But i likey! Anyway i found my hg eyeliner..mac liquidlast..it really stays but a bit tough to remove though..

    And i also hauled a few items today at mac..hehe..

  2. aww it's such a pretty color combination! So far I only paid attention to the pink-lilac one (forgot its name), but this one is nice too! ^.^

  3. Hey Jess,

    Congrats on finding your HG eyeliner. I have not yet made Liquidlast work for me. :( Oooh let me know what you bought at MAC.

    Hey Anna,

    I totally skipped the pink ones, I'm in love with coral shades at the moment.


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