Saturday, February 27, 2010

Korres Summer Fruits Showergel Trio Review

I bought the Korres Summer Fruits Showergel recently. I love nice smelling showergels and wanted to try them. I bought them at USD$6 during the recent sale which I thought were a very good buy. They are currently selling at USD$12.

Taken from Korres website:


A limited edition set of Korres Showergels in the fruity summertime scents of Guava, NEW cumquat and Fig! A $ 21.00 value for just $ 12.00.

Guava, invigorating blend of tropical fruits
Cumquat, glossy green-leafed cumquats and sweetbitter mandarin
Fig, a juicy scent of freshly cut figs

Natural Actives:

• Enriched with Active Aloe® that stimulates collagen and elastin to reduce the visible signs of aging.
• Wheat Proteins form a protective shield to help maintain skin’s ideal moisture level.
• Potent Vitamins C, E & Zinc enhance the natural immune system of the skin.

Oh, by the way Korres I think it should be spelled as Kumquat not Cumquat. (I googled it, apparently it can be spelled either ways, strange.)

I'm not truly in love with all three scents. I don't like how they smell. Out of all three I like Guava better and Fig the least. They aren't the kind of scents I'm used to. I like mine citrusy or berryish. I think I would have liked Rose or Vanilla Plum better.

Other than that, it lathers well. I can't really tell if there are any skincare benefits yet. I guess I will know in good time.

Ratings: 2 lipsticks


  1. I see that you really like Korres a lot. You said you bought them during their recent sale. Does Korres ship internationally?

  2. Yes I do love Korres. I order online from Korres USA and have them sent to my vpost usa address.


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