Saturday, February 6, 2010

Coral Lemmings

Ah spring is here again. Well in sunny Singapore, honestly it doesn't matter, it is summer all year round. I don't really like fall makeup. Too depressing. I love sunny colours! So when all the lovely coral themed makeup came out I was in heaven.

I promised myself no more makeup. I can only buy one makeup item a month. Well I kinda blew that quota on the recent Korres sale.

Anyways, a girl can lem right? Well here are some things that caught my attention.

I'm particularly fond of cheek and lip products. So when Bobbi Brown came out with the Cabana Corals I knew I was going to be tempted.

I am in particular love with Nectar Shimmerbrick. I have Peony and Rose. Initially I did not like them because I felt they were too frosty and shimmery. I had issues with oily skin then. But now that it is under control, I love the soft shimmer shimmerbricks impart.

I love Giorgio Armani products and I would love to try their lightweight Face Fabric in 3 Natural Beige. I had a sample in 7 way too dark for me but when I swatched it on my hands I was very impressed by the soft and silky texture.

The Armanisilk lipsticks look heavenly too. Coral (left) and Frozen Coral (right) look mighty pretty.

Talking about lips, YSL's new Gloss Volupte in Tangy Orange looks divine.

I haven't been excited about MAC for lately but the recent collection Spring Colour forecast looks pretty. I love the Blush Ombres, they look gorgeous. Ripe Peach looks really nice.

Well, I think I'm doing pretty well resisting temptation for now. I'm staying away from counters less I get tempted and start buying.

So care to share what you are lemming for lately?


  1. LOL i do agree that the BB coral collection is making me want more coral stuff even though normally i dont really like corals! LOL...i am so susceptible to marketing..

  2. I think many ladies are, we just can't resist pretty packaging and great promo pictures.


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