Saturday, February 27, 2010

Korres Summer Fruits Showergel Trio Review

I bought the Korres Summer Fruits Showergel recently. I love nice smelling showergels and wanted to try them. I bought them at USD$6 during the recent sale which I thought were a very good buy. They are currently selling at USD$12.

Taken from Korres website:


A limited edition set of Korres Showergels in the fruity summertime scents of Guava, NEW cumquat and Fig! A $ 21.00 value for just $ 12.00.

Guava, invigorating blend of tropical fruits
Cumquat, glossy green-leafed cumquats and sweetbitter mandarin
Fig, a juicy scent of freshly cut figs

Natural Actives:

• Enriched with Active Aloe® that stimulates collagen and elastin to reduce the visible signs of aging.
• Wheat Proteins form a protective shield to help maintain skin’s ideal moisture level.
• Potent Vitamins C, E & Zinc enhance the natural immune system of the skin.

Oh, by the way Korres I think it should be spelled as Kumquat not Cumquat. (I googled it, apparently it can be spelled either ways, strange.)

I'm not truly in love with all three scents. I don't like how they smell. Out of all three I like Guava better and Fig the least. They aren't the kind of scents I'm used to. I like mine citrusy or berryish. I think I would have liked Rose or Vanilla Plum better.

Other than that, it lathers well. I can't really tell if there are any skincare benefits yet. I guess I will know in good time.

Ratings: 2 lipsticks

Face of the day

I went out to get my hair cut and brows threaded today. Did a very simple look.


Shiseido Hydro-Powder in H6 Violet Visions
Urban Decay Deluxe Eueshadow in Ransom
Korres Abyssinia Oil Mascara

Okay moment of truth, I don't do close up pictures of my cheeks because they are horribly scarred. It looks quite horrible close up. I look better when seen from afar. :) Anyway here goes.


Coogi Flowertox BB Cream
Gorgio Armani Loose powder
Benefit's Benetint
Gorgio Armani Sheer blush 6


Urban Decay Lipstick in Rush
MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks

Friday, February 26, 2010

Korres Mango Butter Sheer Lipstick in Coral 45 Review

I bought this as part of my recent Korres haul. I love their Mango Butter lipsticks. They are gorgeous!!! See my reviews here. In line with my summer coral craze I bought this in Coral. These beauties sell for SGD$40. Crazy!!! They are selling for USD$18 on the website. If you wait for their sales you can get these for cheaper.

I was quite worried about how strong this colour looks. But oh gosh, it was love at first application. It gave me a bright yet sheer orange look that is not clownish.

My favourite look for the moment is pairing this with Korres Cherry Oil in Orange 44 and my Stila Mango Crush for cheeks. Stila Kitten Smudgepot for eyes and black eye liner tight lined.

If you have seen Bobbi Browns Pretty Powerful campaign I want to try to follow Jolie's look. Bright Coral lips , cheeks and subdued eye colours.

Here is a comparison of the various coral lipsticks I own.

Left to right: Korres Coral, Chanel Aqualumiere Zanzibar and Face Shop OR202.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Shimmerg Eye shadow in 24 Gold

Korres recently had a really great super sale on their eye shadows. They are still going for USD$7 from the usual USD $16. They don't have many exciting shades but the ones I have are soft and pigmented. You can read about my raves about their eye shadows here.

Calling this gold is a little of a misomer. It is more like a beige or champagne gold. I wished it was more of a yellow gold though. But it works well with natural eye colours.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stila Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain Review

I couldn't resist, I wanted a summery makeup product. I have been lemming Bobbi Brown's Cabo Coral Pot Rouge and Nectar Shimmerbrick but couldn't justify paying for it. So I used my paypal funds to look for a cheap thrill. I paid about USD $12 inclusive of shipping for it. It didn't come with a box and I can't find out how much product is in it. I'm not sure whether I received the full sized version or the sample version (the ebay seller cliams it is full sized but I can't seem to get any information about how much product there is in a full sized item). Anyways, they are selling for 15% off at the Stila website. It is USD $20.40 each.

I saw the lovely swatches made by Product Girl here. I really liked the swatches of Yumberry and Mango Crush. But since I'm so into summery looks right now Mango Crush was really something I wanted to try.

Taken from the Stila website:

This super-fruit inspired multi-tasker will give you instant glamour gratification. Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain is infused with naturally staining mango extracts that react to your personal pH levels to create your perfect shade every time. Used as a sheer blush, or a lip tint and packaged in Stila's iconic clickable pen, this revolutionary formula is easy to build and blend, and leaves your lips and cheeks with a fresh flush of youth.

Scented and flavored like a sweet summertime mango, and infused with real extract from its namesake fruit, Stila’s newest Crush contains phyto-nutrients and antioxidants that protect and nourish your skin. Vitamins A, C, and E moisturize the cheeks and lips and leave them with a sheer, fresh, and radiant glow.

This is a click pen which you need to twist in order for the product to come out. I had to twist it a good number of times before the product comes out. I made the mistake of using my Beauty Blender sponge. The sponge soaked up most the product and in the end very little ended up on my cheeks. I find that using fingers for this is much better.

This is a shimmery coral shade. The shimmer is actually very subtle. It is sheer but can be build up. I love the bright coral shade. It is definitely more coral than Bobbi Brown's Calypso Coral which I own. It lasts pretty well. Up to 6 hours of wear. I did not have to layer it with powder blush neither did I need to reapply after a few hours. I think this is suitable for ladies who do not have oily skin issues. I haven't tried this as a lip stain. I don't think it's quite hygenic or good for your skin in you used this applicator directly on your lips and then used it on your cheeks. Perhaps it would be better to leave the product on the palms of your hands and use your fingers to apply instead.

Mango Crush is currently my favourite coral blush. I can't comment about whether the product is worth its value but I like it as a long lasting coral blush that suits my NC35 colouring perfectly for the perfect summer look.

This is a picture of Mango Crush layered with Nars Orgasm and a little MAC Lustredrops in Sundrops as a highlighter.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone! Happy Chinese New Year to one and all.

I did a very simple eye makeup today and yay I finally did a sucessful mini cat eye flick with my arched eye liner brush.


GA Fluid Master
GA Lasting UV Foundation

MAC Lustredrop (Sundrop) mixed with foundation
YSL Touche Eclat
GA Loose Powder


Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral
Nars Orgasm

Nars Laguna Bronzer
GA Fluid Sheer 10 Golden Beige as cheek highlighter


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Stila Kitten Smudgepot
Stila Starry Night smudgepot

MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow Blue Flame

Shiseido The Masca Base
YSL Everlong Mascara


GA Sheer Lipstick
Korres Full Colour Lipgloss Coral

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Coral Lemmings

Ah spring is here again. Well in sunny Singapore, honestly it doesn't matter, it is summer all year round. I don't really like fall makeup. Too depressing. I love sunny colours! So when all the lovely coral themed makeup came out I was in heaven.

I promised myself no more makeup. I can only buy one makeup item a month. Well I kinda blew that quota on the recent Korres sale.

Anyways, a girl can lem right? Well here are some things that caught my attention.

I'm particularly fond of cheek and lip products. So when Bobbi Brown came out with the Cabana Corals I knew I was going to be tempted.

I am in particular love with Nectar Shimmerbrick. I have Peony and Rose. Initially I did not like them because I felt they were too frosty and shimmery. I had issues with oily skin then. But now that it is under control, I love the soft shimmer shimmerbricks impart.

I love Giorgio Armani products and I would love to try their lightweight Face Fabric in 3 Natural Beige. I had a sample in 7 way too dark for me but when I swatched it on my hands I was very impressed by the soft and silky texture.

The Armanisilk lipsticks look heavenly too. Coral (left) and Frozen Coral (right) look mighty pretty.

Talking about lips, YSL's new Gloss Volupte in Tangy Orange looks divine.

I haven't been excited about MAC for lately but the recent collection Spring Colour forecast looks pretty. I love the Blush Ombres, they look gorgeous. Ripe Peach looks really nice.

Well, I think I'm doing pretty well resisting temptation for now. I'm staying away from counters less I get tempted and start buying.

So care to share what you are lemming for lately?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Stila Smudge Pot Starry Night Review

You can read my reviews of the smudgepots here and here. I don't want to repeat myself. So enjoys the pictures.

Starry Night is said to have shimmers but they are really tiny and aren't very visible. Again these apply sheer and need repeated application to get a nice creamy opaque line.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stila Smudge Pot Violet Review

The second smudge pot to be reviewed is the New Violet shade. I love this shade because it looks so bright and cheery.

To be honest, I'm quite underwhelmed by the Smudge pot consistency. When I line my eyes with this, it doesn't produce a thick creamy line the first time unlike MAC Fluidliners and Clinique's Brush On Cream Eye Liner. I had to go over the line a few times before a opaque line was visible. So these eye liners are quite sheer. Either that or I received a dud set. :(

Ratings: 2 lipsicks

Will I buy thiese Smudge pots again. Most probably not except for Kitten. Unless they came out with a colour that MAC doesn't produce, I don't think I'll be buying these again soon.