Monday, January 11, 2010

Very old makeup implements

Well trust me to find all things to do with makeup! My family spent a lovely day at the National Museum. They had an exciting Quest for Immortality exhibit showcasing Egyptian artifacts and mummies! My five year son is in love with all things Egyptian so we just had to bring him. I came across these neat artifacts used by ancient Egyptian women to beautify themselves. No. 1 is very easy to guess, it is a handheld mirror. made from copper and wood

Can you guess what this is? It is a makeup palette!!! How cool is that? It is used to grind mineral dyes into powders. Behind it there is a fastening device which allows it to be worn like an amulet. I don't know why but it reminds me of the recent Dior's holiday necklace.

This is another palette which comes with its own grinder. I wonder if Egyptian ladies back then when crazy over the "product packaging". :) I can just imagine vaious palette being matched with different coloured stone grinders.

This is a kohl jar. Egyptian ladies used to mix Galena (mineral found in lead) with fat and store them in these jars. Do they ever have problems with their kohl creasing on them?

This is a cosmetic pencil. It is actually a small wooden stick which ladies dip into kohl jars to line their eyes.

Me showing off my rebonded hair. I love how hassle free it is now.

This is us goofing off outside the museum. By the way, that is a dried chilli sculpture.


  1. cool! I didn't know they had such accessories! ^.^ nr. 7 is so interesting!
    And YAY for the pics of you and your son! He's cute! and only 5 year old?


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