Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day at the beach

I love being a mommy but sometimes it is hard when you don't get alone time to chill. I kinda miss that sometimes. It is such a rare opportunity to be able to go out with bestest gal pal D. We use to do this all the time before I gave birth so this is so great to be able to hang out without worrying about anything at all.

Singapore is a small island country but we don't have great beaches. But we make do with what we have. This small little patch of bliss is at Coastes Sentosa. You can see the blue barriers being put up. They just had a New Year's Eve beach party two days back and had to set this up to prevent unfortunate drunks from drowning. It mars the view but hey beggars can't be choosers.

We rented these beds from the restuarant. They cost SGD$15 per bed and we can use them the whole day. The beds were right on the beach and since it was high tide today, the water just came right up to the beds. So cool.

The food is sinfully good. We ordered the burger and fish and chips.

Nope, no full body pictures of me in a bikini. Too embarrassing.

Anyways, I wish everyone a happy new year. Get fit and healthy! Take the time to enjoy life, pursue your loves and dreams because you only get this one chance. Don't hold grudges and wear lots of sun block!


  1. oops I missed this post! >.<

    So cool! What a sight! *.* Must be awesome to lay there all day long then hop up and already in the sea!
    aah I'm envious! ^.^


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