Monday, December 28, 2009


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While I was having my hair rebonded (straightened) I also had my eyebrows and upper lip threaded. I am a virgin when it comes to threading. Have seen ladies lining up to get it done in my neighbourhood beauty parlour but never knew what the fuss was about.

I was slightly apprehensive when it comes to all things new. I have very little tolerance for pain so was very worried about that.

I have to say it is more painful than the normal eyebrow plucking. Especially around the lip area but I've very impressed with how clean it was. Not a single stray hair. The area which the lady did was totally devoid of hair. I love it. It cost me SGD $30. She mentioned that my facial hair would take longer to grow back unlike normal lip waxing or eyebrow plucking.

I'm also very happy with my eyebrows, it looks really nice. I'm thankful that this lady has great skills.

They even remove facial hair from the entire face but I think that it would hurt like hell. So I will settle for a hairy face instead. Maybe if I'm very brave in the near future I might try it. The lady claims that foundation would apply much better.

Anyways here is a website more about threading hair removal.

By the way I had mine done at my regular hairdresser Mad About Hair.


  1. Jesus Christ! Never heard of threading but damn, it cleans up the brows pretty well! If only it didn't hurt! Think I'll stick with plucking for myself. >.< I can handle pain better if I cause it myself X_X

  2. I can't for the life of me pluck my eye brows properly. My mom warned me before that if I plucked them wrongly, they won't grow back. I know it is silly but with eye brows I rather leave it to someone who knows what to do. :)

  3. haha I'm the complete opposite! I've seen so many horrible "creations" coming from salons that I'd never go there and pay for something that doesn't even follow the "perfect brow" shape. Somehow I don't trust them. If I screw up, then I did it, and for free LOL
    Once I plucked them too thin and I was dumbfounded until it grew back XDD


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