Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pop Beauty Smokey Eye Class

I bought this for a girl friend as a Christmas present two days ago. I decided to pop down to Sephora for a look see and couldn't help myself. I was impressed with how pigmented and soft the eye shadows felt.
I paid SGD $49 for it. I just check out the website at Beautycrunch. They are selling this for USD$11 but are out of stock. Argh!!!! I am kicking myself now!

I spy some serious great beauty keepers at the site too. I can safely say that the two clutches below, Brown Eyes and Blue Eyes are very good buys too. Eye shadow pigmentation and blendability are to die for. Both are going for USD $12.80. I can't vouch for the Little Brown Dress but it looks like a lovely neutral set worth experimenting. It is going for USD $10.50.


  1. hmm I've seen these several times for cheap, but I'm not sure of their quality? Have you ever wore pop products?

  2. I've not but the swatches are did on my arms at Sephora were surprisingly good. I think its worth a try!

  3. I have the pop beauty lid gold which is awesome, but also got this eye cake- eyeliner kit and don't like it at all. the colors are pretty pigmented and dark but just look muddy on, and have to be used wet. I do like the cheeky cake which is a duo blusher..however, the eyeshadow pallete--the lid gold, is a near daily go-to for me. My advice is to trust the palletes but get them from beauty crunch, but avoid the eye cake tins.

  4. Hey Anonymous, thanks for your advice. I will definitely avoid the eye cake tins.


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