Monday, December 14, 2009

Non beauty lemmings

I'm on a hunt for a new pair of sunglasses. My old pair which has served me for a good two years are falling apart. I dropped by my local Fossil shop and saw a pair I really liked. I resisted temptation but am now hunting for it online. Unfortunately, they do not have the pair I wanted on the website but I saw a few that looked really nice too.
It is so much more reasonable to buy online. In Singapore a pair of Fossil sunglasses are going for about $90. These are going for USD$50 which is about $73.

I like the last pair best. I suit rectangular frames best and I love the interesting design at the sides.

I was looking at the watches too and this caught my eye. In Singapore it costs $215 but it is selling for USD $95. About $140. This would be such a lovely addition don't you think?


  1. hi, i recently stumbled across your blog and was wondering if your based in HK? can you give me some insight as to the kate palettes? they are hard to come across in the US and i wanna know if they are really good before i go and purchase some expensive ones. Thanks!

  2. Hi there, I'm not from Hong Kong so I'm sorry. But here to two blogs that talk about Japanese makeup.


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