Friday, December 18, 2009

Lancome Haul

Time to treat myself to some skincare products. I have been using Murad's Post Acne Lightening Gel Serum for the past 6 months. I do not think it is working for me, my acne scars have not become lighter at all. It was disappointing to say the least.
Lancome did a media blitz of its Genifique serum and the local female magazines samples of the Genifique serum attached. So of course I tried it out. It had a light texture that was easily absorbed. I read some articles about how good they were, so this was at the back of my mind as a something I would like to try when my Murad serum ran out.
December was a crazy time for sales, so many websites were offering discounts. Lancome had a 20% discount so I went and did some checking with local prices.
The 50ml version of the serum is if I'm not mistaken selling for SGD$180. At the Lancome website it is selling for USD$98. That works out to be about $142 SGD. I bought it at a 20% discount so I only paid SGD$114. Pretty good deal huh! Anyway, I can never just buy one item from any website. I bought the eye cream too. In total I paid about SGD$180 for two items, if I had bought it in Singapore, for that amount of money I spent, I would have only gotten the serum.

In addition, I scored some cool deluxe samples. The Renergie Microlift Eye cream and face cream, a full sized Rouge Absolu lipstick and a mini sized eye shadow palette.

This girl is very happy with her buys!


  1. ooh I'm envious! You found another great deal! I'm curious if the creams do work! Or it's just overdone rave?

  2. Nice haul! Hope to read reviews of the eye cream :)

  3. So far I'm loving the texture and how easily both sink into the skin. We shall see how effective they are though.


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