Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Korres Mango Butter Sheer Lipstick (Natural Brown)

I'm loving Korres Mango Butter Sheer Lipstick in Natural Brown. These lipsticks are sheer and very wearable. Natural Brown has a hint of pink to it. I usually steer away from browns, they don't look good on me. These have a SPF of 10. They contain Candelila cera to smooth dry and chapped lips. Vitamin C and E to protect lips from premature aging and lines.

I love how this feels on my lips. This is unscented. It isn't long lasting but it is easy to reapply. No peeling and chapped lips. I used this for the whole day, only reapplying once. I really love the nude slightly bronzy shade, so flattering on my NC35 skin. (I kept looking at the mirror! So vain!)
There are a total of 13 shades.
Check out the shades here.

It costs USD $18. You can get them at a 30% discount now if you type the promo code MUSE.

Rating: 4 lipsticks


  1. Looks so pretty. I like the ecofriendly packaging!

  2. I like the packaging too. I forgot to mention that it is made of metal so to me it feels good holding it.


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