Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kiehl's Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have oily scalp but dry hair. I use a few shampoos together to manage my hair. Kiehl's Tea Tree Oil shampoo helps me curb my oily scalp problem.
Just a little dollop is needed to lather my hair up nicely. I do have to make use of a conditioner with this because my hair tends to feel drier when using this. I use this about twice a week and make use of my nourishing shampoos on other days.
It costs USD $29.50. After 20% discount USD $23.60. About SGD $35 for a 500 ml bottle.
Taken from the website:
This unique based herbal based formulation is ideal for those with normal to oily scalp. Our Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, which contains herbal extracts including Cinchona, Ivy as well as Lavender and Yarrow, provides an astringent and invigorating effect while soothing the scalp. This formulation, which uses mild sufactants that will not strip the scalp nor hair, contains humectants, panthenol and pro-vitamins B5 to moisturize, nurture and condition the hair.
Ratings: 3 lipsticks


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