Saturday, December 19, 2009

Giorgio Armani Haul

A colleague of mine when to Hong Kong recently, I couldn't resist asking her to go to Giorgio Armani to pick up some items for me. Since it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I went for broke and bought quite a few items I have been lusting for a while.
I stocked up on the Fluid master primer (which is now my HG primer), two Fluid Sheers and the beauty blender brush.
My kind friend was able to get me two samples which turned out to be foundation samples that are unfortunately not my shade. I would have loved to try the face fabric foundation.

Face Fabric Foundation in Shade 6 - Brazilian. See here for description and colour.

Lasting Silk UV Foundation in shade 4 - Light Sand. See here for colour and description.

Beauty blender brush. Wow it is tiny!

Fluid sheer in 2 - Shimmering Beige

Fluid sheer in 11 - Amber

Fluid Master Primer

I have died and gone to heaven!


  1. oh that's a lot you got! And I don't even want to imagine just how much it costs! >.< But they are great and you're happy with them and that's what is important! ^.^

  2. I have been spending quite a bit lately, I'm going to make a resolution to stop buying new makeup next year. :)

  3. but new year promises are hard to keep! Especially with the NY sales ;P

  4. I know, am going to ignore all the email alerts about discounts and free shipping!

  5. LOL I do it too! So my heart doesn't hurt seeing all the sales going XD

  6. I was searching for pictures and info about Giorgio Armani UV master primer and found your blog. Not sure which country you're living in. But if you're interested in buying cosmetic goods in Hong Kong, I might be able to help.
    Btw, I have only tired to help people in Mainland China to buy them, and not so sure how to do this, just the joy within your post touched me, and thought it might be nice if I could help. So, let me know if you're interested.
    Oh yes, I live in Hong Kong.

  7. Hi there, thanks so much for the offer, I will definitely keep you in mind.


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