Sunday, December 20, 2009

Giorgio Armani Beauty Blender Brush

Taken from the website:

Made from luxurious soft sable, this flat brush is slightly rounded at the edges to precisely follow the curves of the face. Dispensing the perfect amount of makeup onto the face, the blender brush creates a flawless second-skin effect when used with any fluid armani foundation.

Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner

This was definitely a big splurge for me. It costs a whopping HKD380, SGD $68 or USD $48. I am slightly upset though because I know I did not get the best possible deal. I had the impression it would be cheaper buying in Hong Kong. The last time I made a price comparison with the Lasting UV Silk Foundation, I found out that it was much cheaper buying from Hong Kong. I assumed that it would be the same with all products. GA recently had a 20% discount so I would have been better off buying from the website.
I already knew it would be small because I did some research over at Makeup Alley beforehand. But actually looking at the real thing was something else. It was tiny and short.
I had a big night out with my girlfriend the day I received my GA items. I was dying to give this little brush a test drive. Can I just say wow! I tried to apply my Lasting UV silk foundation exactly the way the video instructed. See the video here.
I started from my nose and slowly worked the foundation by using short brush strokes to sweep the foundation outwards. The finish was very different as compared to using the MAC 187 or the MAC 190. I really loved how flawless the finish was.
Unlike the other MUA reviewers, my brush did not smell at all.

This is one brush, I know I am going to use everyday. Even though it is expensive, for me at least at the moment, none other foundation brushes I have come across give me that perfect flawless look.
Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. It looks a bit weird..I mean a "young brush wannabe that's not good enough yet to work properly". You know what I mean? but damn, it's even better than MAC? sometimes those who look "worse" perform better than the "pretty" ones!
    I'm sorry you couldn't get it for cheaper.

  2. This baby is really good, cheaper than a MAC brush and give medium to full coverage finish.


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