Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eye of the day

I finally managed to have lunch with my bestest gal pal ever. It is so good to meet up and chit chat and catch up with what has been going on with our lives.

I really liked the warm  bronzey look I did. The picture didn't turn out to be so horrible so here it is.

I made use of my Urban Decay Get Baked Eye shodow palette. I used Half Baked on my eye lids and baked on the outer corner of my eyes. I also used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Honey to line my lower lids.

I finally learned how to tightline my eyes properly and yay no smudging from afternoon till night time!

For my cheeks, I used Giorgio Armani's Fluid Sheer in Amber. Then I layered it with Nars' Orgasm and used Laguna as a bronzer too.

I received this cute tote as a Christmas present! It is big and spacious and has the cutest polka dots on it. It matched with my blue sun dress that I was wearing.


  1. That's Glide on pencil on your waterline? wow I thought it was eyeshadow! And for tight lining you used UD too? I still haven't found a liner that doesn't smudge...especially when tight lined or on the waterline. But UD 24/7 is praised a lot...Is it really that good?
    BTW, love the bag! it looks huge! and cute! Fits the dress :)

  2. I use cliniques brush on cream liner for the upper lids. that stays put. urban decay on lower lids stays pretty well. i will post the youtube video on tightlining i found very useful soon.


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