Friday, November 27, 2009

Korres Haul

This is the second haul of my series of hauls. I went mad in late October and order a lot of things from a lot of places. Anyway, I'm a little miffed about this haul. I ordered it one day before Korres decided to have a 20% discount. I was so upset. I could have saved tons. This is my Christmas gift haul. I planned to give them away as little gifts to my colleagues and keep some for myself.

I really love Korres. They make natural products and high quality products. I love every item I bought from them. We have a store in Singapore but they are highly marked up. It really makes sense to buy online.

I got a shopper's high just looking at the amount of stuff. I'm so sick! I have to say though, they aren't all mine, some of these belong to my colleague.
Between my colleague and myself, we ordered 4 sets of Lip Savers, 3 sets of Mango Lipsticks, 2 Quince Butter sets, 1 Lip gloss trio and 1 Vanilla Plum set.
And I received a Plum Lip gloss plus free samples so yay!

These are the Lip Savers. They are pigmented lip balm in Jasmine, Quince and Pomegranate.

The cherry oil lip gloss trio in Nude, Light Pink and Light Purple.

Quince Butter set, this includes a body butter and a lip balm. Quince has a lovely sweet and spicy scent.

The mango lipsticks in Natural Brown, Natural Purple, Orange Red and Orange Brown.
And for a Christmassy mood, Vanilla Plum set which includes a body butter, bath gel and lip balm.



  1. So many nice things! *.* mmmmm *drools*

    but it sucks the sale started the next day. With this amount you really could have saved a lot @_@

  2. Yup, you know what my dear hubby had to buy Christmas gifts for his colleagues and I convinced him to buy from Korres so there is another shipment on the way!

  3. haha you should be the ideal Korres costumers ;D

  4. hi. i was wondering which website are you using to buy korres products online?

    Nice reviews btw! :D

  5. Oh thanks for your comments and encouragement. :) Here is the website.

  6. :( what website can I use to buy the korres products online in singapore? Because i tried the website but it can't right?

  7. Oops I'm sorry I buy direct from USA. There is no website which you can order from Singapore.


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