Saturday, November 28, 2009

Korres Cherry Lip Gloss Trio Review

I bought this set because I was attracted by the colours offered. They look like lovely natural colours. I love the texture and feel of these Cherry Oil Lip glosses. You can check out my in depth review of them here.
These sell individually for USD $16. They are going for USD $19.50 as a set and if you make use of this promo code MUSE you get another 30% off. Offer expires on 31st December 2009. Check out the origins of the promotion code here at Musings of a Muse.

11 - Light Pink

Nude (Just realised that this color isn't in the regular line up.)

23 - Light Purple

I'm instantly attracted to Nude, although it doesn't look really nude on my arm. Light Purple and Light Pink looks like it will not be suitable for me though. Too pale. I might try out Light Pink just to see how it looks on my lips but Light Purple is definitely not me. I'm sure this set will suit the lighter skin tone ladies better.


  1. oh I like all three colors! They are lovely!
    Hey, that's a super good deal for 3 glosses!
    So, these have cherry scent? Maybe flavour too?

  2. Yes it has a faint cherry scent and flavour. Very pleasant.

  3. Your swatches seems really true to life... Is it just a good camera? Or is there some special setting you use to take these pictures?
    Mine always turn out different colors and crappy :S

  4. I'm using an Olympus camera. It has a super macro mode which I turn on, I use auto mode. I'm really dumb with cameras just wish I could take better eye shots of my eye makeup.

    I also make sure I take pictures very near my window where there is lots of sunlight.

    Thanks for your comments.


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