Sunday, November 8, 2009

GE Women's Run 2009

Something non-makeup. This was my second Great Eastern Women's run. It was held on1 November. I simply love women's running events. They usually do it big and are well organised. This was no exception. There were 14 000 ladies in all. 5000 running the 10 km and the rest running the 5 km. Cool part is finally finding running pals to meet up with. I hate participating in these events alone.
I wasn't prepared for this run. Work commitments and pure laziness prevented me from my thrice weekly 10 km runs. After my half marathon in August I have been slacking.
I managed to complete this by 1 hr and 14 mins. Isn't my best but I'm now training for the Standard Chartered Marathon.

This is my finishers medal, looks exactly like the one I received last year.

If you are picking up jogging, running events are a great way to motivate you. You run better when you have a goal in mind. When I first started out almost three years, I was over weight. I could only jog slowly for about 10 minutes. I'm still amazed at how far I have come.

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