Saturday, October 31, 2009

RMK Creamy Polished Base 02 Review

I received RMK's Creamy Polished Base in 02 and 00 as samples through this month's issue of Her World.
I love samples. You get to try something you otherwise wouldn't have bothered and sometimes you find gems.
This is one of RMK's face primers.
Taken from the website:
Made with a blend of three powder particles in different sizes and shapes to cover all kinds of unevenness of the skin's surface. Its creamy texture an even and moisturizing veil, leaving your skin supple within with a polished half matt touch on the surface. Choose from 00 to filter for a perfect translucency and 01 and 02 helps to brighten the complexion.

02 is more suitable for medium toned ladies. I doubt that darker tone ladies will find this suitable. May make you look ashy.

It has a creamy texture, unlike the usual face primer textures I'm used to. I used my fingers to blend it around my face. I felt that it didn't apply as smoothly or as easily as my favourite MAC and GA primers. Perhaps it is because I like the slippery silicon texture of silicone primers. It applied sheer and did not affect my skin tone. I would have hated it if it made my face lighter. I allowed a few seconds for it to dry and applied my HG GA Lasting Silk UV foundation with my foundation brush. My foundation applied easily and the overall look was comparable to what I expect from my MAC and GA primers. It covered my pores fairly well but nowadays I don't get huge pores so it wasn't very obvious to me.

I wore it for about 3 hours, my face was not oily or shiny. No foundation slippage. I'm not really sure how it will fare for long hours.
If you prefer creamy face primers, I guess this would be a great primer to try. It didn't wow me but it did a decent job.
Ratings: 3 lipsticks


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