Friday, October 16, 2009

MAC Style Black Haul

I think I went crazy buying makeup this month. I spent about $300 on both this and my Giorgio Armani haul. But honestly I couldn't be happier. I am in love with everything I bought! I decided to feature my Mac haul first because everything looks so sexy and exciting.

I decided to buy from Nordstrom because I couldn't wait for this collection to hit Singapore. It is a good thing too, Style Black Mineralized Shadows were sold out in the whole country in a few days. How crazy is that? I know this because I tried to buy Gilt By Association but I can't find it anywhere in Singapore now. This is by far the best collection to come out and it is the only MAC collection I have been excited over in a long time.

On to the close up pictures.

Young Punk Mineralized Eyeshadow

Blue Flame Mineralized Eyeshadow

Greasepaint in Black

Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black (I wasn't going to get this because the reviews for this wasn't very good but I wanted to try a liquid liner which could give me a really thin line)

Nordstrom also added some really nice samples. I like shopping from Nordstrom although I wish they would have packed my things in a smaller box. It came in a huge ass box. I'm also happy all my things came in one piece.

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