Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giorgio Armani Maestro Quad 04 Stone Review

I wanted to try some of GA's eye shadows because I heard they were very good. Instead of buying singles, I find the most affordable way would be to get palettes as I can do complete eye looks with them.

I originally wanted to buy the new Eyes To Kill palette in Brown Copper but since there was a 20% discount at the website many of the more popular items were out of stock. I had a hard time choosing a palette. They were honestly quite boring but I think they make great work friendly eye looks.

Eyes to Kill (Brown Copper)

There are a total of 6 shades in the Maestro Eye shadow quad collection.

01 Ocean

02 Floral

03 Earth

04 Stone (What I have)

05 Desert
06 Mineral
Taken from the website:
Inspired by the rich colors of the rocks, earth, sea and natural vegetation of the Italian coast, these maestro eye shadow harmonies range from the classic armani matte shades of grey, black and navy to rich, iridescent hues of lilac and gold. The maestro eye shadow palettes are the first armani eye shadow palettes to be enriched with light Micro-fil™ silk powders that melt perfectly into the skin to layer transparent and iridescent effects.

This palette comes in a typical matt black GA casing. I love how elegant it is. As you can see, it is made in Italy. (I wonder where the ones Hong Kong are made in.)
Doesn't it look beautiful in the sunlight?
Overall, I am impressed with the texture of these eye shadows. They are sheer but not chalky. They blend easily and can be layered easily for intensity. They are long wearing and have a satiny creamy look to them. I love how these shades go together for a complete look. I like these colours even better than my old Bobbi Brown palette. My favourite colour is the gold beige shade on the left hand side. Perfect neutral shade lid shade. I use the darkest shade as a liner or for a simple smokey look.

This palette is selling for 58 USD. After discount I got it for 46.40 USD. Not a bad deal. I won't be buying any more of the shades though. Maybe perhaps 03 Earth. Just because on the website the shades look quite similar.

If you are looking for safe work friendly colours, the Maestro Quad definitely has something for you.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. oooh nice colors! *.* and I like the Ocean quad too!

  2. Nice to see another desperate fan of GA! *lol* I can get it in the next big city, but I honestly cannot afford it.
    So, I would love a safe for work quad as I habe set up my colours that suit me, but I cannot remmeber what colours the SA used to do my eye make-up.
    It looked amazing, soft and elegant. Not to talk about the foundation brush... LOVE IT!

    But I had the impression the colours are rather light.

    Here again I have to complain about the price. I did not look to near at the cases, so thank you for the pics. I bought already at GA the most expensive lipstick in my life, so I am afraid the next time I am at the counter I will loose my temper and buy ALL.
    Burn you cCreditcards, burn! ;-)

  3. Hey Andreea, glad to meet another GA fan. Yup I agree I hate the price that's why I think really hard before I buy, the worst thing is not being able to swatch them for real but relying on swatches from websites.

  4. Hi Jaqueline, I am back again with news - I am proud owner of GA Quad in Stone and in Desert and though they might look similar in the case, they are not. The stone shades tend to be cooler and velvety-grey, also better pigmented, while the brown quad is perfect for brown eyes with more rosey tones.
    The brown tones are completely dieffrent, though they look very similar in the case. They are light and elegnat, not ver well pigmented, more something for the glowy no-make-up look.
    I paid 49 Euro each - which is 63 USD right now.
    A splurge? No, I have not used anything else since then but my Chanel Kaska Beige which is a more pigmented Version of the brwon GA Quad.

    I took a photo for my blog from both, but it is impossible to really swatch them, they are just too fine...
    The pic is made at a day-light, hope it is a bit more usefull then the GA website

  5. Hey Andrea, I checked out your site, love love the pic of the quads. Totally agree with you that they are sheerer than what I am used to. :) I love the pics on your website, is there anyway I could translate the language into english, I would love to read what you wrote?


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