Saturday, October 17, 2009

Giorgio Armani Haul

I really love Giorgio Armani products. They are very expensive. Every GA product I own is very precious to me. I think the fact that I can't get it in Singapore makes the allure of GA so much greater. I generally get my fix when I go to Hong Kong. But I don't travel very much thus it is very hard to get my GA fix. Well recently GA website has a 20% discount, wow how am I not supposed to haul when there is such a great excuse.
Anyway I did my homework just recently and realised that they sell GA in Hong Kong much cheaper!!! I can get my Lasting Silk UV foundation for 340 HKD which works up to about USD 46. They are selling it for USD 58 at the website. I feel kinda suckered! I don't feel so bad because after the 20% it worked out to the same. But why or why such a price difference. I took out my old bottle and compared it with the new. The USD 58 version is made in France whereas the one I bought from Hong Kong is made in Japan. How could two of the same products made in two different countries vary in price so greatly? It boggles the mind. When I looked at the other products, I realised that some were also made in Italy and Spain. Anyway I resolve not to buy from the website again unless there is a discount. I will probably try to look for buddies who go to Hong Kong to get my my GA fix from now on.

Lasting Silk UV Foundation in 7 (This is my HG, I live in fear that I will finish my bottle and would not be able to get another so this is my backup)

Luminous Silk Powder in 7 (I fear this is a tad too dark but when applied lightly, I don't see a difference.)

Maestro Eye Shadow quad in 04 Stone

Sheer Blush in 6 Light Rose

And my free samples, Crema Nera eye cream and Fluid Sheer in Golden Sand.

I am so happy with my buys.


  1. yes when I was holidaying in HK a few years ago I went crazy on GA- sooo cheap! love the palette. very classy looking!

  2. they arrived! YEY! The blush is such a pretty color!
    You should do an EOTD with the palette, or even a FOTD! even better =D I'm curious how the e/s quad looks on you~

  3. Hey Mary, I honestly suck at taking pictures of myself. They turn out horribly. I'll do an experiment today, if the pictures turn out half decent, I'll post them up. :)


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