Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beauty Sales

Hi there, are you as excited about the 20% discount at the Sephora website? Just use the discount code below
Shop here for Sephora
The big trouble is Sephora does not accept International Credit Cards but there is a way to get around the problem. I'll be using Com Gateway which will buy the things on my behalf and my items get sent to a US address then it can be sent anywhere in the world. Of course there is a fee but since I'm sharing my costs with 2 other ladies, it is still worth shipping.
I'm am going to pick up some staples and some things to try. I'll share with you my list soon.
Besides Sephora, beautycrunch is an excellent place to get your beauty fix at a discounted price. It sells past season collections of some beauty brands. Stila is your best bet, some palettes are going for less than $15 USD. Use this code to get a free Boys Love Sugar lip palette when you order more than $50 USD worth of products.
Start hauling today!

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