Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unloved Makeup Items need a new home

I'm looking at my big hoard of makeup items and I seriously need to streamline them. There are things that I haven't used in ages and its such a waste leaving it around at home. All items have been used before and there are not boxes.
So these are some items I'm putting up for sale. Mainly they are to cover the postage cost when I mail them out. All prices in USD please. I accept only paypal.

These are my feedback.

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Specktra net Itrader rating (25)

All items are inclusive of shipping. If you are interested in any of the items leave me a comment with your email address, I will contact you and work out the details.
MAC Sheer Mystery Powder in Medium ($20)
Description: Comes in a black case with Swarowski crystals. Powder is refillable, powder in the case is used but this comes with an extra unused sheer mystery powder. You get the whole set. This is very very heavy thus I'm pricing it at $20 inclusive of postage.

MAC Pearlizer Sheer Pigment in Pearlette ($7)

Description: No box

Stila Cheek Duo ($7)


  1. mmm I'm interested in the lipglasses, Maquillage gloss, MAC Metal X Cream Eyeshadow. I think that's all for now. But let's wait a few days, ok? Because a friend of mine wants to do a beuty hunting this weekend, but it's not sure. If we do it, i'm surely going to spend all mine money. If not, then I'll buy these LOL
    I'm spamming you blog and mailbox, sorry!

  2. I love receiving comments so no worries. I hope you will have a fruitful cosmetics hunting trip. Please share what you bought ok I'm very excited and curious.

  3. Hi~ Sadly the shopping was canceled T_T We'll do it, but dunno when. College interferes...But here I am. ATM I'm cutting down to the lipglasses and the Maquillage gloss if it's ok with you. How much is shipping?

  4. Hello, this is Yvette in Ontario, Canada postal code: K0K 1T0; my email is I love your blog and in it you give great reviews!! I am interested in these items but I am not sure if they are still available. Could you please email me with details? PS I am looking for MAC, CHANEL, YSL, DIOR, CLINIQUE...maybe you could offer me some different products you don't use/want as well and I will reply. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Best Regards, Yvette

  5. Hi, I was wondering are still selling the MAC Sheer Mystery Powder in Medium ($20)?? my email is


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