Saturday, September 5, 2009

RMK Mystique Cheeks 02 Orange Beige Review

I bought RMK's Mystique Cheeks in 02 Orange Beige a few days ago. This is my first RMK product. This is a limited edition product and comes in two shades, the other 01 is a pink shade.

Taken from the website

RMK Mystique Cheeks is a range of five-colored blusher palettes. With five very different shades and textures in one palette, the blend of the shades veils your cheeks with a beautiful, delicate shimmering finish. Work with the brush to strengthen particular shades in the colors.Add a touch of vibrant shimmer to complete the mystique look for this fall.

It is a very tiny compact. When I place a regular MAC single eye shadow pot right next to it, you can gauge how small it is. But oh my, it is very cute! The mirrored compact is made of very reflective silver plastic which attracts finger prints. The compact feels light but I don't feel that it is very durable. If this little thing falls to the ground I doubt that it will hold up well.

The bottom shade is a shimmery gold which can double up as a eyeshadow. The SA taught me to use it by brushing my blush brush from top to bottom. This blush is not very pigmented. I don't have to worry about getting clown cheeks with this. In fact, it takes quite a bit for the blush to show up. I'm currently pairing it with my new YSL Creme de blush. The shimmery gold shade however deposites visible gold shimmer and therefore if I don't want to look too shimmery and glittery I must use wih a light hand.

Overall, I'm not very pleased with this blush. It is very small and not worth the price I'm paying. MAC blushers cost half the price and have better color payoff. For the price, I should be getting a better compact too. I do notice that in general, the Japanese prefer less pigmented blushers. Case in point, my Jill Stuart Mix Blush compact is also not very pigmented. I guess you can say that since it is less pigmented, it is fool proof and will produce a more natural blush. True, but the colour also tends to fade off quickly. As much as I love to reapply my makeup, I can't be doing it all the time. This shade perhaps is not very suited for my skin tone, I'm sure the fairer ladies will like this better.

Ratings: 2 lipsticks

The lovely SA at RMK included some really cute samples for me to try. The white tubes are the Creamy Make Up Base Mat and the brown tube is the liquid foundation.

Creamy Make up Base Mat

It comes in 3 shades, 00 is a transparent shade, 01 is a pink beige and 03 is a beige shade.

Taken from the website

The creamy texture blends in smoothly and uniformly, covering troublesome areas, such as open pores, skin unevenness, dullness and color irregularities. RMK Creamy Make up Base Mat covers skin with a super-fine veil that leaves a natural bare looking matte finish.

Since I have two of these I'm giving away one. Just be the first to comment on this post and tell me that you want the sample and I'll send it to you. Do leave your email or some way for me to contact you though.

Liquid Foundation

The shade I have is the second lightest shade. You can check out the shades here.

This liquid-type foundation leaves the skin fresh, and spreads lightly and wears easily. Light as air, it covers fine lines with a natural finish, for supple, translucent skin. Waterproof, RMK Liquid Foundation protects against perspiration and water, and creates a beautiful, long-lasting complexion.

I don't want to use my sample partially because it is way too light for me and because I'm really satisfied with my GA foundation. If you want to try this sample just write me a comment and tell me you want it. I'll give it to the first person.


  1. I like blushes that give just a hint of color, but if they fade....this looks so lovely! Although a fading peach screaming for constant reapplying is a big disappointment! RMK should improve the formula....for that price tag they ought to!
    Am I the first again? >_< uhm, I don't dare asking for the samples. So shameful. Shouldn't I give a chance for others?

  2. Hey Mary, how about this, if no one comments in a week I will send you the samples. I have your address. :)

  3. oh, okay! Wait, if you're planning on doing other giwaways and I'd be the one to win them too LOL, hold them back and send them later together. Don't spend money every time! And I'll get back to you with some surpises! ^.^ if it's okay with you~


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