Sunday, September 6, 2009

Packages in the mail

I love receiving packages! I was at mom's place last night and there were 3 packages waiting for me. I rushed home to open my packages, unfortnately, my camera does not photograph well at night. I had to wait till morning before I could take better pictures.

I usually order items from US websites. Especially for american made products. Prices in Singapore are overpriced. I buy more than one item and I usually buy from a few sites. I save on shipping.

What brought on this spree? Well Korres was having a 30% discount for their items. I also needed to replenish my Kiehls' items. I was also at Urban Outfitters and bought two dresses, one for work and another for casual outings.

My first package came from Korres, they could have used a smaller box. I would have saved on weight and size. I bought a boby butter in Quince, 2 cherry lip glosses in Orange and Coral and a lip scrub. I received a mini cherry lipgloss in Fuschia, and anti aging and anti wrinle night cream, a mini body butter sample in Guava and a moisturiser sample.

From Kiehl's I decided to try out the Yerba Mate series. I don't have an issue with oil control ever since I started on Diane.

Taken from the website

Yerba Mate:

With Vitamin-Infused Tea Extracts for a Healthful Skin Vivacity
Gentle herbal cleanser for all skin types
Gently, yet effectively removes excess oil and residue
Helps reveal skin's natural radiance
Not tested on animals

I also bought the trusty tea tree oil shampoo for my oily scalp. It works great.

As you can see, they always let you choose 3 samples to try. These are what I chose.

This is what I bought from Urban Outfitters. This is for work. I bought another sleeveless dress too. Overall I am very pleased with my buys.

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  1. Nice packages! I prefer to buy stuffs online...even with shipping it costs less than buying them here in my country @_@ weird!


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