Sunday, August 30, 2009

Isetan and Tangs Beauty Haul

Look and see what's inside the bag?

I had a very satisfying haul today. I headed for Isetan first. They were having a beauty promotion, for every $100 spent, you receive a $10 voucher which you can use to buy other beauty items. I was hoping to buy both my RMK and YSL products there but unfortunately they did not have YSL.

At RMK I bought the limited edition Mystique Cheek blusher in Orange beige. It is a very tiny compact but I fell in love with the colours. The lovely SA gave me some samples to try. The two white tubes are the very popular Matt Makeup Base called Creamy Make Up Base Mat. The other is their liquid foundation in 103.

I hopped over to Tangs to look for YSL. I was only going to get the mascara but the SA there tempted me with so many nice things. Eventually bought the Everlong Mascara, Gloss Volupte in 1 and the Creme de blush in 1 too. Even though I was still a few dollars short of the gift set, he threw in the gift set as well.

I quite amazed, the makeup remover on the right hand is quite a large size for a sample. I received a perfume sample, a matt compact powder sample, a sheer plummy lipstick and a facial scrub sample. Finally I headed down to Korres to buy a gift for a great colleague. I love Korres lip butters.

Reviews coming your way once I try out my wonderful new goodies.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shiseido Maquillage Lip Swatches

I have quite a few lipsticks and glosses. You now how it is when you buy a new lipstick or gloss, that becomes the new love of your life and you tend to neglect your old ones? Well I do that all the time. Once I get a new lip product I use it till I get the next.

I've been trying to be good and give equal love to all my makeup. I've been trying my best to rotate all my lip stuff and yes throw the ones that are really too old and yucky for use.

I recently took out my Shiseido Maquillage lippies and rediscovered my love for them. The Japanese really know how to make great lip products.

Maquillage is part of the Shiseido company. Maquillage is found in many Asian countries but not in the west. Not sure why. Price range is in fact slightly higher that Shiseido. Each of my lipgloss cost me about $40 if I'm not mistaken.

You can check out the website and view their products here.

Their makeup line is catergorised into two parts. Base makeup and point makeup (color). They change their makeup line quite frequently and there are no permanent items, so these few products I've swatched probably can't be found anymore. :(
The three on the left hand side are glosses, the two shorter ones with a metallic cover are sheer lipsticks and the last one to the right is a cream lipstick.

Lets talk about the glosses first. They are not tacky at all but they don't last very long on the lips. They are moisturising and stays well on the lips, they don't slip and slide around. I usually apply my Rosebud Salve on my lips while I prep my skin. When it is time to aply my lipgloss, I wipe of the lip salve. This keeps my lips soft and smooth and helps my lip glosses stay put. They have a really unique delivery system. No wands here instead the lip gloss is made to look like a lipstick. The gloss comes out of holes found on the slanted tip. You twist the bottom and the lipgloss comes out.

The shades are as follows, RD354, RD658 and RD457. Japanese lip colour codes generally go like this, RD stands for reddish tones, BE for beige, BR for brown, PK for pink and RS which for the life of me I don't know what it stands for. All the glosses have very fine glitter particles that you don't feel on your lips. I love the red one best!

I generally prefer sheer lipsticks to full on cream versions. I like these two colours because I can match them with anything. They are very moisturising so I don't get peeling lips when I wear these. Check out the lovely overspray on both the pink and beige lip stick. Aren't they gorgeous. I'm not sure how but both lipsticks give a really gorgeous light reflecting sheen to them.

Left to right. RD329, BR345 and RD379. The one on my right is a pink cream colour. I don't really like this particular though. It can be quite drying and unflattering after a few hours of wear. Reapplication is somewhat difficult.

Anyway Maquillage has just released their collecton in collaboration with designer Alexander Wang. These lipsticks look nice. They are called Moisture Rouge (Sheer Type) with features 9 shades. Other really interesting products are the Face Creator which consists of blush, highlight, contour and illuminating shades for the face. These comes in 4 types. Their eyeshadow palettes are also very nice although somewhat boring. If you like neutral eye colours, I bet you like the shades.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Beauty Wishlist

I'm itching to buy some new makeup. I'm terrible.
My stupid Diorshow mascara broke on me. Yup you heard it right, the cap broke, there was no way for me to screw it back up. So now I'm hunting for a new mascara. I have my eyes on either trying YSL's Everlong Mascara Waterproof or returning to my trusty Chanel Inimitable Mascara.

YSL Everlong Masacara Waterproof

(Taken from the YSL website)


A high-tech concentrate for immediate and long lasting doubly-effective lengthening, even under water! This performance is the fruit of an innovative combination of a new generation moulded brush and the LASH GROWTH BOOSTER complex which promotes the growth of your eyelashes.

I read from another beauty blogger A Beautyful Sentiment for did an amzing in dept mascara series. You can read it here. I like my lashes long, really long. I don't have trouble with curled lashes, mine are naturally curly. (I think it was all the years of curling my lashes with Shu Uemura's lash curler, I do it without fail, even when I'm not putting on mascara.) Everlong not only boasts lengthening, it has a in bult lash growth ingredient that promises to help your lashes grow. How cool is that?

Next on my wish list is RMK's Mystique Cheeks or Mixed Colours for Cheeks. I cannot resist blushers and these looks absolutely lovely. This is a Japanese brand rather famous for its base makeup. I find Japanese makeup absolutely amazing in quality, unfortunately they aren't very brave with bright colours and thus can sometimes be really boring.

Mystique Cheeks shown below is a limited edition product. 01 has variations of pink, gold and pearl shades and the one below is 02. I already have many pink blushers so I would probably pick up 02. I just wished they added a gold shade to this.

Mixed Colour for cheeks is part of their permanent line. There are 4 variations. 01 has light pink and brown shades. 02 is the one shown below. 03 is a brown and coral variation and lastly 04 has light pink, mauve and peach shades (I think!) I love 02, the colours just call to me.

I'm just dying to head to town!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Korres Natural Products 30% Discount

I've been on a beauty block lately. I've have'nt been excited about any beauty products. Well my favourite beauty blogger Musings of a Muse mentioned a 30% discount on Korres Natural products. She raved about some of their lip products and boby butters. That was good enough excuse to check out their website. Just use the promo code MUSE and you even get a free mini Fucshia Cherry Oil Lip Gloss free! Offer ends on 15th September 2009.

Incidently, Korres just arrived in Singapore. I read in our local fashion magazines that they are in the newly opened mall ION. I also read from fellow Cotters at CozyCot that prices in Singapore were high and it wasn't worth buying at the local store.

I meant to go there to check out the newly opened Sephora and so thought I would pop by the Korres shop to swatch some products and check it out for myself.

Reading through some beauty blogs and makeup reviews, these were some products that people mentioned were really nice.

(All product information taken from the Korres website)
Lip Butters

Ultimate lip treatment with intensely hydrating formulas, packed with a juicy pop of color • Shea Butter’s anti-inflammatory and potent moisturising benefits cushion the skin and help to restructure it • Rice Wax helps to seal in hydration, leaving the lips smooth all day

It comes in 7 pretty colours. These are quite pigmented, a cross between lipgloss and lip balm.

Jasmine: Light lavendar
Promegranate: Coral Pink
Quince: Bright Pink
Plum: Plum
Wild Rose: Rose Pink
Guava: Light gold
Mango: Bright Coral

I fell in love with Wild Rose which looked like a nice just bitten lips look and Mango. These cost SGD21. With the discount, you can get these for $7.50 USD.

Cherry Oil Lip Gloss

I'm crazy over lip glosses lately. The number of lip glosses I have has mushroomed almost overnight. I had to check them out.

Long-lasting, creamy, semi-sheer formulas in wearable and vibrant shades. Go natural with NEW naked shades! • Cherry Oil moisturizes lips, prolonging the wear and giving a high-shine, non-sticky finish • The natural active Jojoba Oil smoothes fine lines and deeply hydrates the lips • Potent antioxidant Vitamin C and E prevent free radical damage and repair the lips

There are altoghether 13 pretty shades. You can check them out here. I'm still in a summer mood for makeup so the standout colours for me were Orange and Coral. Orange is a sheer but true orange colour, no hints of pink. Coral is sheerer and lighter than orange but with added gold shimmer. These were selling for $35 SGD.

Body Butters

Scent: Tropical, sweet Feel: Luxurious, gourmet Luxurious, smoothing body butter, clinically proven to offer advanced moisturizing and antiaging action. • Guava Body Butter is enriched with Shea Butter to soften, moisturize & restructure the skin. • A proprietary blend of Sunflower, Almond & Avocado Oils restores skin’s elasticity & smoothness. • Quince extract acts as a soothing agent to heal and nourish stressed skin. • Little size is travel approved.

I bought the Little Body Butter in Guava 25 ml for $9.50 SGD to try out. This was the only scent they had in this size. I found the scent to be sweet and heavenly. The scent lingered on my body for quite a while. It took a little time for it to absorb into my body but once soaked in, my skin felt soft and smooth.

You can find the whole range of body butters here. The standout scent would be Quince. Many beauty reviewers have raved about ow heavenly it smells (fruity and spicy).

So these were some items I bought. Body Butter in Quince, Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Orange and Coral and the Lemon Lip Scrub. I was so tempted to buy more items. I'm very intrigued by the Zea Mays Powder Blush, Multi Vitamin Oil Free Setting Compact Powder and Manoi Oil Bronzing Powder. Another product worthy of mentioning is the Sunflower and Evening Primrose Shimmering Eyshadow that promises to blend smoothly and is pigmented.

So if you are in the mood to try something new, give Korres a go, with the wonderful discount now, it is a great excuse to pick up some items and experiment for yourself.

I can't wait for my products to arrive so I can give an in depth review.