Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shiseido Hydro-Powder Swatches

I have a few Shiseido Hydro-Powders. Although they aren't long lasting, I love them for their sweet colours. These are good for barely there looks. For makeup newbies who do not want to worry to much about where to place the different eye colours. Hydro-Powders are good for sheer washes of sparkling colour.

When applied, they leave a cooling sensation. You can mix the colours and blend them. They can also be layered for a more pigmented look. I find that it is best not to apply any eye liners. They tend to smudge terribly after a while on me. Instead I would apply black eye liner on my water line and make sure I apply mascara to widen my eyes.

H1 Goldlights

H6 Violet Visions

H10 Languid Lagoon

H11 Rose Tulle

Left to right: Languid Lagoon, Rose Tulle, Violet Visions and Gold Lights.

I like Rose Tulle best. Although it is very sheer, it has the loveliest shimmer particles. I like matching this with Languid Lagoon.


  1. Hi
    Can this product be used as a eyeshadow base? thanks

  2. Nope it can't. It creases. It is better to apply them by itself.


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