Monday, July 6, 2009

Pink Powder Blushes

Even though my first love is cream, gel and liquid blushers. I cannot resist powder blushers. When paired together, they give dimensions to the face.
I generally steer towards matt powder blushers. Even though I love shimmer and sparkle, I'm weary of putting them on my face. I used to have a very oily complexion and large open pores. If you have the same condition, it is best to stick to matt powders. Shimmer and sparkle emphasise large pores and can make your face look oily instead of glowy.
However, since I have finally gotten my oily complexion under control, I really love glowy blushers.

From left to right: Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in Rose Bloom, Benefit Dandelion and MAC Pinch O Peach.
Except for Rose Bloom, the rest are matt blushers. Rose bloom doesn't show up very well on me. It is quite frosty so I have to make sure I put a cream blush under for the colour to show up better. I usually use MAC 116, a domed shape blush brush to apply these. I make a fishy face and gently sweep the brush on the apples of my cheeks.

From left to right: MAC Dollymix, MAC MSF Light Flush, MAC MSF Petticoat and Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick Peony.
These are more pigmented and as you can see have a lot of sparkle and shine. To make sure you don't look like a disco ball, it is best to apply these with a fibre optic blush brush like MAC's 187 brush. I love Dollymix. It looks lie a hot pink in the pan but if applied lightly gives you an amazing out from the cold flush.

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