Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cream Blushers Peach

I don't have many peach/coral blushers. Only three but I love them all.
From left to right.
Shiseido's Accentuating Color Stick in Peach Flush, Bobbi Brown's Calypso Coral Pot Rouge and Becca's Beach Tint in Peach.
All three are matte. Peach Flush and Peach are true peaches whereas Calypso Coral has a hint of pink to it.

Accentuating Color Stick and Pot Rouge are both cream blushers whereas Beach Tint is a liquid that dries very quickly to provide a more translucent blush.
For Shiseido's Accentuating Color Stick, I generally use my fingers to swipe some product off the stick. Then I stroke them on the apples of my cheeks. This blends very well and glides onto your face. Even if you have drier skin, you don't have to worry.
Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge are more drying. I can't rub them onto cheeks, it will spoil my foundation. I dab my fingers into the pot and dab them lightly over my cheeks.
Becca's Beach Tint requires serious shaking to ensure that the liquid (not sure what its called) and pigment mixes well together. Or else when you squeeze it out all you get it a clear but nice smelling liquid. I generally squeeze some onto the palm of my hands and dab from it onto my cheeks. Sometimes if I'm not careful I squeeze too much out so you have to be really gentle while squeezing.
Anyway I bought them quite some time back, there is so much product in each that I have yet to make a dent on any of them.

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