Friday, June 26, 2009

Rouge Dior Creme De Gloss (331 Pink Confections)

I'm only a fan of some of Dior's lip products such as the Addict High Shine and the new Lip Glow. I wasn't very impressed with the Ultra Gloss Reflect. However Creme De Gloss kept turning up as a favourite of many ladies so out of curiosity I bought one just to see what the fuss was about.

While I was a Nuance Watson at Hong Kong, the Dior counter was having an offer, buy two items and get a 50 HKD discount. Thats works out to be a SGD $9 discount. I rushing, I only had about 10 minutes to shop before boarding the plane. (After doing a conversion, this gloss cost me about 220 HKD $41 SGD, in Singapore it is selling for about $40) I had already picked up the Dior Lip Glow and was wondering what else could I pick up. Hence, I picked up the Creme the gloss. All the shades that I swatched had a pearly shine , I was not sure if it would suit my NC 35 skintone (I generally stay away from pearly shades that are too light).

Pink Confections 331 had just the amount of creamy rosy pink that would make a great daily go to work shade that would suit all neutral eye colours.Unlike the Ultra Gloss Reflects, this glides on evenly after I apply some lip balm. I think the doe foot applicator definitely helps. It lasted about 3 hours for me because I was drinking and snacking quite frequently. Honestly I don't mind reapplying it once in a while. It is very moisturising and creamy, not once did my lips peel or crack. Reapplication was very easy too, it looked like I was just applying it for the first time. I'm not sure why but some lipglosses and lipsticks just look awful after a few applications.
I was looking through the Dior website and the funny thing is this shade isn't listed as their regular lineup. I wonder why.
Here is the descripton from the website:
Glamour, shine and care – everything your lips could ask for in one unique product. The first gloss to combine color and treatment, Rouge Dior Crème de Gloss is as soft as a cream and as rich as nectar. Thanks to a concentration of ultra-nourishing active ingredients, lips revel in absolute comfort, with a non-sticky formula that pampers them upon application and lasts for up to six hours.
There are all together 10 shades. You can view the shades here.
851 Red Venetian satin
845 Rouge Nectar (ruby red)
695 Peach Nectar
641 Fig Nectar (mauve)
441 Creamy Rose
351 Pink Essence
341 Creamy Almond
291 Honey Delight
255 Coral Elixir
231 Beige Silk Satin
I defintely give this is big thumbs up. Peach Nectar and Honey Delight look very gorgeous, I would love to swatch them if I get the chance.
Ratings: 5 lipsticks

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