Friday, June 26, 2009

Jill Stuart Haul

This is my very first Jill Stuart haul. After coming back from Hong Kong, the one regret was not visiting the Jill Stuart counter and picking up something. Before my trip I had been reseraching on what good makeup items I could pick up. Jill Stuart is one such brand. It is known for it's ultra sweet and princessy packaging. It's not my kind of thing but I just had to get my hands on some to see for myself.

Well I decided to get some online, unfortunately Jill Stuart is not available in Singapore. There are a few places that I found out sell Jill Stuart. They are mostly from Hong Kong. Adam Beauty has older stocks. The mix compact blush costs $355 HKD and the old Jelly Eyeshadows cost $158 HKD. Gooddealer sells their mix compact blush for $349 HKD and New Jelly Eyeshadows for $179 HKD. Ichibankao sells their mix compact blush for $60.50 USD and New Jelly Eyeshadows for $32.50 USD with shipping being factored in. Both Gooddealer and Ichibankao have the latest collections. Adan Beauty and Gooddealer charges for shipping whereas Ichibankao factors in the shipping into its prices.

All for the sake for experimenting I bought from all three websites on the same day to see if there was any difference. My items from Adam Beauty and Gooddealer have arrived.

Gooddealer takes the effort to wrap their products in layers upon layers of bubble wrap. Adam Beauty has less, fortunately all arrive safely intact.

This came from Adam Beauty. I ordered the Mix Blush Compact in Rose Bloom and the old eye jelly formulation in Gemstone Green.

This came from Gooddealer, as you can see I received free samples.

A closer look at the samples. I received 2 Lunasol primers and a sample of their water foundation, a Coffret Dor primer and a Impress mosituriser (I'm guessing!)

Now, onto a closer look at my goodies. I'm very overwhelemed at the Mix Blush Compact, I was oohing and aahing over how pretty it is.

I'm not impressed with the jelly lipgloss though. I think I picked the wrong colour!

The eye jellies. The newer version on the left.

Platinum Satin on the left and Genstone Green on the right.

I can't wait to use them!

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  1. Hi,
    There are a few other websites too which sells Jill Stuart! I have ordered from them before... (Japan) (SG) (SG)
    I have loads of Jill Stuart products and i love them! Especially the skincare line is very nice! I can't bare to use the make up line =S

    X Wendy


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