Monday, June 29, 2009

Makeup Organisation

I'm a little embarrassed by the state of my makeup cabinet. I've been buying stuff and stashing them away. Boxes are lying around all over the place. I don't put my things back after I use them. With the new influx of makeup I had to do some packing.

This is where I store all my makeup. In a Ikea metal cabinet which has 6 drawers. I have to be careful when I pull my drawers. If I pull it out more than half way, the drawer is likely to topple out. I have two more small organisers where I keep my cream eye shadows (MAC paint pots and fluidliners) and liquid eye shadows (Shiseido Hydro Powders, glitter liners, Chanel liquid shadows). I keep my eyeliners and mascara in a glass tumbler.

I use the first and top most drawer for my face products.

Primers: Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer and MAC Prep and Prime

Foundations and BB Creams: Chanel Pro Lumiere, GA Lasting Silk, Sasa HD Foundation, Coogi BB Cream, Dr Jart Silver and Black Label and BRTC Perfect Recover

Concealors: MAC Select Cover Up and YSL Touche Eclat

Face Powders: MAC Studio Fix, GA LP, Sana LP, Chacott, Meteorites in Beige Chic, Fresh Rose and Mystic, MAC Mystery Powder

Miscellaneous: MAC Lustredrops

Second drawer is devoted to cheek products. As you can see I'm a blush/bronzer addict.

Cream/gel blushers:

MAC Just A Pinch. Becca Beach Tints in Peach and Watermelon, Becca Creme Blusher in Amaryllis, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral, Pink Flush, Raspberry, Benefit Benetint and Posietint and Shiseido's Accentuating Cheek Colour.

Powder Blushers:

6 pan MAC palette with Dollymix, Springsheen, Pinch O Peach, Cheek, Tenderling and Coppertone, MAC MSFs in Warmed, Petticoat and Flushed, MAC FX Lavendar powder, MAC Apripeach, BB Shimmerbricks is Peony and Rose, Benefit Dandelion, UD Toasted Bronzer, NARS Blush Duo in Orgasm and Laguna, Stila Mandarine Mist, Laura Geller Apricot Baked Blush, Becca Bronzer in Flamenco (broken to bits!) and a compact mirror.

The third drawer is more miscellaneous things. I have two presents I am supposed to give to two friends but we have not managed to meet up yet. I know its sad! My MAC makeup remover wipes for emergencies and 3 sets of MAC palettes filled with Neutrals, greens and blues eye shadows. I'll show you whats inside one of these days.

Fourth drawer is reserved for palettes and single eye shadows that aren't MAC.

Dior Iridescent Palettes in Summer Star, Sky Glow and Earth's Reflections. Chanel quad. BB LE Eye and Lip palette of 2008 and 2007. UD Get Baked and Deluxe Quad. Shu Uemura Winter Sakura palette. Kate Glam Trick palettes in BR1, BR2 and BK1. MAC 2008 Christmas Warm palette, Aquavert, Soft Force, 2 pigment samples and 4 quad in Shroom, Moth Brown, Freshwater and Cork. My new Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Shadows, UD singles in Cult and Purple Haze, Shu Uemura's Metallic eyeshadow in yellow, Make Up Store Microshadow in Khaki, Becca Eye Tint in Gilt and a random blue shadow from Bodyshop.

I just recently became very obsessed with lipsticks and gloss so naturally the number of stuff grew.

I have Shiseido's Maquillage lipsticks and glosses. Chanel Glossimer, Aqualumiere and Hydrabase lipstick. Numerous Dior Addict High Shines, Lip Glow, Creme De Gloss, Glitter Gloss and Ultra Gloss Reflects. MAC Lustre lipsticks, Dazzleglasses, lipglass, Creme Sheen and Slim Shine. UD Lipstick, Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss and lipstick sample. Other singles include JS Jelly lipgloss, GA Shine lipstick, Clinique Buttershine, BB Lip Crayon and Shu Uemura lipstick.

I have 3 sharpeners, one for lip liners, eye liners and a jumbo one for BB Lip crayons.

Finally, my pigment drawer. They don't get much love. I'm not even going to try to name what I have.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss in Melty Nector

Jill Stuart has two different kinds of lip gloss. Lip lusters and jelly lip glosses. There are altogether 13 different jelly lip gloss colours.

You can't get this at Adam Beauty. But you can find the whole range at both Gooddealer and Ichibankao. Of course Gooddealer sells it for 169 HKD ( SGD 31.83). Ichibankao sell is for USD 31.20 (SGD 45.99)

Picture taken from Ichibankao:

As you can see this is a tube packaging. It has a slanted tip for application and features a oh so cute cap with a pretty pink rhinestone.

I was pretty bummed out when I saw the actual colour and how it swatched on my hand. I wanted something with more pigmentation. I should have gone for Apricot Sorbet or Venus Flash instead.

I tested it out today. First I applied Rosebud lip salve over my lips. After bloting that I used my Stila lip liner in 01 (a flesh pink) to line my lips. I then applied Melty Nector over it.

Jelly lip glosses are a little tacky. Once applied, I smacked my lips a little to get the gloss to settle. It didn't survive lunch so it isn't long lasting. It also has a slight floral scent. There is low level shimmer that isn't obvious. I notice that your lips must be in tip top condition before applying this gloss. That means make sure you have exfoliated your lips and moisturised them well beforehand . No chapped lips. Jelly lipgloss on chapped lips are really nasty.

If you like nude lips, Melty Nector would be something you will like. Overall, I don't mind the texture and scent but prefer something with more colour.

Ratings: 1 lipsticks

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colour Gemstone Green

There are currently two kinds of Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colours that you can get. The older version or the newer version. Make a guess which is the newer version.

Yup you are right, the one with the extra letter N. The N series, if I may call them that, has a pretty packaging and a better formulation. Both have the same amount of product.
There are 10 shades in the newer version:
01 Diamond Snow
02 Gold Light
03 Platinum Satin
04 Mint Sorbet
05 Angelic Glint
06 Berry Sparkle
07 Jewel Flash
08 Crystal Sky
09 Midnight Shine
10 Vintage Decor
The 10 shades that I'm aware of in the old version:
01 Green Butterfly
02 Gemstone Green
03 Delicate Mint
05 Sugar Candy
06 Dawn Rose
07 Crown Jewel
08 Smoked Glass
10 Antique Amber
19 Amethyst Mauve
21 Ruby Romantic
Adam Beauty sells the older versions with many out of stock. You can only get Sugar Candy, Delicate Mint and Gemstone Green. They go for 158 HKD. (SGD 29.76)
Gooddealer sells all the new versions at 179 HKD. (SGD 33.72)
Ichibankao seels all the new versions at a whopping USD 32.50 (SGD 47.45 yikes!)

I've used cream and liquid eye shadows before. This is the first time I'm using a jelly. It has a bouncy and light texture. I've read that these jellies do dry out in about a year so I'm going to make sure my jellies get a lot of love from me.
From my hand swatch you can see that the green is quite obvious. I'm wary of sparkly products because if you chose the lighter colours. You usually find it hard to see the colour as compared to the sparkly glitter. That was also the reason why I chose a darker colour.
I've tried it without a primer potion today just to see how it lasts. It fared well for a lunch trip. I did notice some glitter fallout under my eye. It was not very obvious. It dried up quickly and I could apply my powder eye shadows over it almost immediately. I liked the sparkles. Very girly and pretty. If you have strict rules as to what kind of makeup is allowed in your office, you may want to reserve this for outings and night. The sparkles are very obvious.
I like pigmented eye shadows. I don't usually do sheer washes of colour. If you are like me, I suggest choosing the darker jellies. Midnight Shine (It is on my way in the mail!) and Vintage Decor looks really nice.
Sweetie pies who like all things pastel, well jellies will definitely be your cup of tea.

My eye look today:
Gemstone Green as a wash over eye lids. Dark grey from my Kate BK-1 palette at the corner of my eyes. Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero to line my upper lids then smudged with the black from Kate BK-1 palette. Topped with Diorshow mascara.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in Rose Bloom

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact according to quite a few sources are one of the few must try items. Everyone gushes about how pretty the packaging is and how nice the colours are. Being a blush fanatic, I obviously had to try one.

Taking to account my NC30-35 skin tone, I need one that would show up on my face. That was the reason why I choose Rose Bloom. There are 8 shades altogether.

01 Baby Blush
02 Rose Bloom
03 Coral Glow
04 Hot Cherry
05 Pastel Peach (New colour!)
06 Fresh Apricot

07 Lovely Tulip
08 Romantic Poppy

Gooddealer only sells two of them, Lovely Tulip and Romantic Poppy for HKD 349. ($65.74 SGD)
Adam Beauty has Rose Bloom, Coral Glow and Fresh Apricot selling for HKD 355. ($66.87 SGD)

Ichibankao seels all except for Pastel Peach for $60.50 USD. ($88.33 SGD Wow!)

This is not a big compact, there is about 8g of product. It fits into my palms. As you can see, super duper cute and pretty casing. The plastic feels heavy and durable. The chain is detachable. The retractable blush brush feels soft and dense. It picks up more product than my normal MAC blush brushes. I think there is a good reason for that. If you scroll down, you will see that the blush is very sheer. I ran the brush through the blush a few times so you can see how it looks on the brush.

On my hands, you can barely tell that there is blush on it. It has pearly pigments so it is glowy. I wore it out today without using cream and liquid blushers underneath just to see how well it showed up. I applied it quite a few times before I could see some pink. The pearly pigments gave my cheeks a glow. If I still had oil control issues two months ago, I wouldn't have liked it. But now it is something I like. If you have big pore issues and don't like them emphasised you may not like it. I'm used to more pigmentation on my blushers so I probably will use something under it to get it to show up more.

I can see why the fairer ladies love JS blushers. I kind of have a sneaky feeling JS makes blushers for fair skinned people. So if you have a skin tone anything like mine or darker, you probably want to skip this. I have a feeling I would like Romantic Poppy and Coral Glow better because they look darker.

If I were to compare this to the powder blushers I own, I think MAC blushers provide better value and pigmentation. Of course JS beats MAC in packaging hands down. I'm not sure if I would be buying another one.

Of course I'm still going to use this. For days when I want just a hint of glowly pink. I can just imagine whipping this little beauty out in the ladies and have my gal pals oohing and aahing over it.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jill Stuart Haul

This is my very first Jill Stuart haul. After coming back from Hong Kong, the one regret was not visiting the Jill Stuart counter and picking up something. Before my trip I had been reseraching on what good makeup items I could pick up. Jill Stuart is one such brand. It is known for it's ultra sweet and princessy packaging. It's not my kind of thing but I just had to get my hands on some to see for myself.

Well I decided to get some online, unfortunately Jill Stuart is not available in Singapore. There are a few places that I found out sell Jill Stuart. They are mostly from Hong Kong. Adam Beauty has older stocks. The mix compact blush costs $355 HKD and the old Jelly Eyeshadows cost $158 HKD. Gooddealer sells their mix compact blush for $349 HKD and New Jelly Eyeshadows for $179 HKD. Ichibankao sells their mix compact blush for $60.50 USD and New Jelly Eyeshadows for $32.50 USD with shipping being factored in. Both Gooddealer and Ichibankao have the latest collections. Adan Beauty and Gooddealer charges for shipping whereas Ichibankao factors in the shipping into its prices.

All for the sake for experimenting I bought from all three websites on the same day to see if there was any difference. My items from Adam Beauty and Gooddealer have arrived.

Gooddealer takes the effort to wrap their products in layers upon layers of bubble wrap. Adam Beauty has less, fortunately all arrive safely intact.

This came from Adam Beauty. I ordered the Mix Blush Compact in Rose Bloom and the old eye jelly formulation in Gemstone Green.

This came from Gooddealer, as you can see I received free samples.

A closer look at the samples. I received 2 Lunasol primers and a sample of their water foundation, a Coffret Dor primer and a Impress mosituriser (I'm guessing!)

Now, onto a closer look at my goodies. I'm very overwhelemed at the Mix Blush Compact, I was oohing and aahing over how pretty it is.

I'm not impressed with the jelly lipgloss though. I think I picked the wrong colour!

The eye jellies. The newer version on the left.

Platinum Satin on the left and Genstone Green on the right.

I can't wait to use them!

Rouge Dior Creme De Gloss (331 Pink Confections)

I'm only a fan of some of Dior's lip products such as the Addict High Shine and the new Lip Glow. I wasn't very impressed with the Ultra Gloss Reflect. However Creme De Gloss kept turning up as a favourite of many ladies so out of curiosity I bought one just to see what the fuss was about.

While I was a Nuance Watson at Hong Kong, the Dior counter was having an offer, buy two items and get a 50 HKD discount. Thats works out to be a SGD $9 discount. I rushing, I only had about 10 minutes to shop before boarding the plane. (After doing a conversion, this gloss cost me about 220 HKD $41 SGD, in Singapore it is selling for about $40) I had already picked up the Dior Lip Glow and was wondering what else could I pick up. Hence, I picked up the Creme the gloss. All the shades that I swatched had a pearly shine , I was not sure if it would suit my NC 35 skintone (I generally stay away from pearly shades that are too light).

Pink Confections 331 had just the amount of creamy rosy pink that would make a great daily go to work shade that would suit all neutral eye colours.Unlike the Ultra Gloss Reflects, this glides on evenly after I apply some lip balm. I think the doe foot applicator definitely helps. It lasted about 3 hours for me because I was drinking and snacking quite frequently. Honestly I don't mind reapplying it once in a while. It is very moisturising and creamy, not once did my lips peel or crack. Reapplication was very easy too, it looked like I was just applying it for the first time. I'm not sure why but some lipglosses and lipsticks just look awful after a few applications.
I was looking through the Dior website and the funny thing is this shade isn't listed as their regular lineup. I wonder why.
Here is the descripton from the website:
Glamour, shine and care – everything your lips could ask for in one unique product. The first gloss to combine color and treatment, Rouge Dior Crème de Gloss is as soft as a cream and as rich as nectar. Thanks to a concentration of ultra-nourishing active ingredients, lips revel in absolute comfort, with a non-sticky formula that pampers them upon application and lasts for up to six hours.
There are all together 10 shades. You can view the shades here.
851 Red Venetian satin
845 Rouge Nectar (ruby red)
695 Peach Nectar
641 Fig Nectar (mauve)
441 Creamy Rose
351 Pink Essence
341 Creamy Almond
291 Honey Delight
255 Coral Elixir
231 Beige Silk Satin
I defintely give this is big thumbs up. Peach Nectar and Honey Delight look very gorgeous, I would love to swatch them if I get the chance.
Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Kanebo Kate Glam Trick Eyeshadow Palette

I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to makeup. I like my makeup expensive, partially because I feel we pay for quality and packaging. I hate spending money on stuff that isn't good. Because of that, I think sometimes I miss out on things that are value for money and are really good in quality. I was at Watsons in Hong Kong when I chanced upon the Kate Glam Trick eyeshadow palettes. I did a swatch of a gold palette because the gold shade caught my eye. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the eyeshadow was soft and well pigmented. It had quite a bit of sparkle and shimmer. I knew I had to buy one to try. But which to choose? All looked so pretty.

These were the palettes that I picked up.







The colours on the right most end of all swatches are the liner colours. The colours on the left end are finishing shades that you gently tap on your eye to add sparkles and shimmer.

Here is a very detailed instructions on how you can make use of the shades.

These make for really great smokey eyes. Shades B, second to the right of all swatches are really pigmented. With a good eye base such as Urban Decay's Primer Potion, the colours pop out and last until you decide to take it off. I just wish they had more exciting colours!
The palettes are housed in a sturdy black plastic casing with transparent windows so you can see what shades are inside. They are small so they are very handy to bring along. They come with a small duo ended sponge application, one for eye liner application and another for eyeshadow.
There are altogether 5 palettes. The other two being BU-1 (Blues) and GN-1 (Greens)
These are definitely well worth picking up if you happen to be somewhere in Malaysia or Hong Kong. 5 colours in a handy little palette for about $20 whats not to love.
Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Monday, June 22, 2009

Urban Decay Get Baked Palette

This sexy palette is Urban Decay's newest offering for summer. It comes with a mini bottle of the new Sin Primer potion and a mini 24/4 Glide On eyeliner in Bourbon and 4 very summery eye colours. I took advantage of the 20% offer and picked this up. I paid $22.40 USD, this is normally priced at $28 USD. It is really a good deal even if there wasn't a 20% discount. If you want good deals, always choose the palettes, Urban Decay has great palettes with an unbelievable array of combinations. A single eyeshaodw costs USD$16 compare that to getting for example the Ammo Shadow Palette with 10 colours for USD$36. That's $3.60 per shadow!

I have to rave about Urban Decay eyeshdaows. They are very pigments and soft. The array of colours is exciting and the names they use just add that extra punch. They are comparable to MAC eyeshadows. Some ladies do complain about fall out from the eyshadows especially the glitter versions. I don't get any fall out, perhaps the trick is to make use of eye primers.

Close up pictures of the eyeshadows:

Swatches: From left to right (Sin Primer Potion, Twice Baked, Half Baked, Flipside and Baked)

Although this palette does not come with applicators, I can make do without them. I really like Urban Decay's philosophy of not harming animals and using durable cardboard instead of plastic. Thats why I keep going back to Urban Decay to get my makeup fixes.
Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation

Foundation is something we should never skimp upon. A good foundation doesn't clog up your skin and cause break outs. It is a perfect match to your skin tone. When applied, looks like you aren't wearing any but still gives you a "you are having a great skin day" look. It is a canvas for you to apply other products to give you colour.

My personal opinion is that liquid foundation gives the best natural look.

During the course of everyday life, I've seen too many ladies who either wear foundation that is too light for them or look like they have piled on too many layers of foundation on them. Sometimes I wish I am brave enough to set them aside and tell them the truth. Not that I'm a makeup guru or anything but I definitely would appreciate it if someone does that the trouble to tell me if something just isn't suitable for me.

I always had problems with foundation. A couple of years back, I suffered from serious bouts of adult acne during and after my pregnancy. It left me with numerous acne scars all over my forehead, temples and cheeks. They were red and unsightly. I never felt more depressed in my life. Back then, a good foundation meant super duper coverage with super human oil controlling properties.

Fortunately, things have picked up for me. Finding the good dermatologist was the best thing that happened to me. Under her expert care, my scars are much lighter and my acne is under control. Right now, I only need medium to light coverage although oil control is still something I battle with.

I have a few foundations on rotation. Chanel's Pro Lumiere in 40 Beige which I use for nights out, Coogi BB cream and Sasa HD Foundation in 03 Vanilla Beige for very light makeup days. For your reference I'm also a NC30-35.

This is my currently love. It has now been moved to HG status because I really really love this. This was another one of my excellent hauls in Hong Kong. It is also much raved about in Makeupalley. You can see the reviews here.

Description from the website:

Lasting Silk UV SPF 20 is spotlight-proof, high-resistance makeup. Inspired by extreme backstage conditions, this revolutionary new water-based foundation provides 14-hour luminous matte coverage without the coverage feel.

Because it is water-based this has a thinner consistency as compared to Chanel's Pro Lumiere foundation. It is very easy to blend. I pump once and use my MAC 190 foundation brush to apply to my skin. It sinks into my skin and feels so light and airy. The SA chose the shade 7 which is a very good match for my skin tone.

You can see comparison swatches of the different shades at Karla Sugar. Unlike my Chanel foundation, this gives me a little glow instead of a powdery matt look. It doesn't look greasy though. It controls oil production well. I found that I did not need to blot at all for the whole day. One pump dispenses the right amount for a minimal and natural coverage. Two pumps gives me a almost flawless complexion. I'm not sure how waterproof this is, for the few days of wearing it, I've not had this streak on me. It costs USD $58 or 340 HKD which works out to be $63 SGD dollars for 30 ml.

Here is a look at a swatch comparison of the different foundations and bb creams I have.

GA on the left and Chanel on the right. Notice that GA is more watery.

Sasa HD on the left and Coogi on the right. You probably notice that these two foundations look way too light for me as compared to the foundations above. Coogi blends to match my skin tone and I have to admit Sana is a tad light especially after I have spent a day at the beach.

These are all the base makeup placed together for a better comparison.

This foundation is worth splurging on.
Ratings: 5 lipsticks