Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sundown Womens' 10K Event

I signed up for this quite some time back. Last year, Adiddas organised the Sundown event mainly for the marathoners and they also introduced the first ever Ultra Marathon event of 84 km. This year they decided to include the mere human beings and added the women's 10 k and the corporate team challenge. I had expected DH to drive me there because it was way over at Timbuktoo aka Changi Village. It is damn hard to get there!

Anyway DH had a car accident 3 weeks ago so not only do I not get a ride, he couldn't come to give me support. I was totally bummed the whole week, trying to give myself excuses to skip this altogether. Anyway to cut the long story short I told myself it was an experience not to be missed and this was just one obstacle I had to get over.

I must say I had a great running experience although there were quite a few hiccups by the organisers. It didn't affect me much though. Getting there was surprisingly not so much of a problem. I was stressing myself up for no reason. The chartered bus brought us there was minimum hassle.The event site was situated by the beach. We had to walk across this narrow bridge meant for two persons to walk side by side. You can imagine the big jam as hundreds of people were trying to walk on both sides. Thankfully the bridge held up. The site itself was extensive. Baggade deposite and collection was a breeze. No queuing up at all. The toilets were also surprising free of smell. Thank goodness.There was quite a big turnout. I was so glad I met up with some acquaintances. That made my run less lonlely.

I started out slow. About 8 mins per km because there were just so many ladies. Eventually by about 4 km space started opening up and I could run more easily. I picked up pace and it was pretty smooth sailing. There was only one waterpoint which many ladies complained about. I'm used to not drinking any water at all on 10 km runs so that wasn't a problem for me to. I got quite a kick put of seeing the planes flying over me. The sound of it provided me with quite an adrealine rush. The return route was quite narrow though. It made it hard for me to pick up pace. I was so glad to see the 9 km mark. There were picnickers all around bbqing. The smell of it was heavenly. The finish line was lit up with bright lights and photographers were all lined up taking pictures. I felt quite like a star walking down the red carpet. (Hey a girl can fantasize right!)Well mu unofficial watch time says I ran just under 1 hr and 12 mins. Thats my best timing so far. This is my finishers medal.

My next event will be the Shape Run.
My goal for this year would be to complete two half marathons without killing myself. I'm having a hard time passing the 12 km barrier. It doesn't help them I take long break in between runs. I keep telling myself I have to be consistent.

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