Friday, November 28, 2008

Makeup organizer

It is the school holidays! Even though I was still in school most of this week to do work, I took Tuesday off to go to IKEA to look for ideas to organise my expanding makeup collection. It was getting to the point where I did not even have any space on my chest of drawers to work on. I spied some really cool looking makeup organiser trays from the bathroom section. Unfortunately in order to get them, I will have to assemble a cabinet which worked up to a total of $200 and more.

Definitely not worth it. At the work section I saw a 5 drawer metal cabinet with deep drawers. It has castors which means I can move my stuff with relative ease. It costs $69. A better and cheaper solution for me. Anyway I must tell you the totally dumb thing I did. I don't know about you but I everytime I go to IKEA, I go crazy. I end up buying all sorts of stuff for my home. Needlessly to say, I bought 2 sets of shoe boxes with clear covers. Very nifty and a wonderful solution for my shoes. Two huge plastic boxes with castors for my darling boy to keep his toys. A hang on frog shelf thingy and magic markers as well. Well I was by myself, when I went to collect my metal cabinet set, I realised that I was in deep trouble. It was super heavy. No way I could carry everything by myself. I couldn't use a cab because there isn't anyone at home to help me carry them up. There wasn't anyone to help me at all!!! I paid $50 for home delivery.

My total purchase cost me $140. I'm so silly! Anyway to assembly this cabinet, you need male muscles. You actually need to bend the metal into drawers and there is a portion where you need brute strength to shove certain parts into others. So ladies if you are thinking of getting this be forewarned. By the way it comes in red and silver.

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