Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gardens By The Bay yet again!

I swear this place has the bestest positive vibes for me. I love being among the pretty flowers and the cool atmosphere. 

This whole week was the school holidays and we took the opportunity to go down and get a quick flower fix.

DS is currently working on some stop motion films with his LOTR Lego characters and I thought it would be a great idea to send his Fellowship on location. That's him behind me taking pictures.

He was positioning his "actors". He refuses to use my Olympus camera which will give him better images but I guess he wants to create everything on his own terms. I could not resist taking some pictures of my favourite "actor", Legolas.

I call this "Legolas lost in the forest".

Poor boy had to take pictures of vainpot mommy as well.

Here is one of him goofing off.

Did I forget to mention there were pretty flowers? :)

Kudos to all the guys and gals who make Gardens By The Bay such an awesome place.

Around the whole area there are these really interesting chairs that look like thrones. And finally the picture that embarrassed my son till no end. I made him take a picture of me goofing off. I finally learned how to do this and I had to try.

I kinda cheated on this pose. I don't have the strength to do a deadlift into a chopper yet so I invert and use my feet to touch the bars. Then move my legs further back into this pose. Totally without finesse but hey it is the final pose that counts right?

Have a great Sunday people!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Philosophy Brighten My Day Expert Dark Spot and Pore Whitening Peel Pen

I got sucked into buying this at Sephora because I wanted the lighten my sun spots near my eye area. I have always been plagued by sunspots (definitely because of my beach going ways) and acne scars. I am constantly looking out for products that say they can lighten up dark spots.

See what I mean. I have two especially dark pesky spots on both my cheek area.

In order to get product out, I press on the silver button as shown as enough product comes out to dab on my troublesome areas. The texture is a lightweight gel which absorbs easily into my skin. There is no detectable scent. I have used this faithfully twice a day for two months on my two problem areas but unfortunately I have not seen an visible lightening of my dark spots so boo!

Does anyone out there have better success with this product? I would love to hear your thoughts.

SGD $69

Ratings: 1 lipstick

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Project Swap: Addiction Cheek Polish Fresh and Tadzio

My first foray into Addiction Cheek Polish blushes was Revenge which I love very much. I had originally wanted to buy Fresh but after Luna of Lunaface The Flintstone Loves Pretty's review of it (you can read it here), I decided not to get it because I feared it might be too sheer.

You can also read Luna's review of Tadzio here.

I met up with Luna ad we did swapsies again. And so I have both Tadzio and Fresh to play with.

Between Tadzio and Fresh, I definitely prefer Tadzio because it shows up better on my skintone. Fresh just disappears onto my cheeks. Tadzio is a powdery rose pink shade whereas Fresh is a sheer orange. I definitely think fairer skin tones would be able to wear these shades better. After applying these shades, I actually layered them with my powder blush to give it more colour. They were that light. That being said they can be layered to intensify the look.

Tadzio on my cheeks
Tadzio on my cheeks
Fresh on my cheeks
Fresh on my cheeks
These cheek polishes have a fluid texture that melts onto my skin. They don't feel greasy at all. I generally place three dots on my cheeks and use my blush brush to buff it on. I love the texture and the fact that they look natural on my skin. However Fresh just doesn't do a single thing for me. I do wish for more brighter and darker colours from Addiction. One can only hope.

These sell for 2940 yen if I'm not mistaken.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Addiction Eye shadows Nostalgia, Rigeletto and Morning Moon

You know after my first foray into Addiction cosmetics, I knew I wanted more. I had my eye on the compact and so decided I would buy 3 more shadows to add to my collection. I already have Arabian Ruby, Flashback and Fudge. I wanted my compact to feature more neutrals so I decided on getting some colours I could use as all over lid colours. 

I have to tell you it is hard to decide what colours to get even though there are quite a few resources to get excellent swatches. I relied on Drivel About Frivol and Shameless Fripperies who had gorgeous swatches.

A special thank you to dear KS my long time reader turned good friend for indulging in me and not batting an eyelid when I asked you to score Addiction goodies for me. Muack!

The moment I took my necessary photos of all the eye shadows in their original pans, I depotted them because I want to fit them immediately into my new compact case. These are so easy to depot. Just stick something through the little hole and out pops the pan. Easy peasy.

If you are not filling up your compact, you will find that your pans aren't secured. You will want to put some sticky tape or glue to hold the pans in place. However, if you get 6 pans of eye shadows or 4 pans of eye shadow and a blush, they somehow clicked into place and hold securely without you having to glue it or tape it.

Left to right: Morning Moon, Rigeletto and Nostalgia.

Morning Moon is a sheer warm gold shade, Rigeletto is a peachy champagne shade and Nostalgia a sparky light taupe shade.

Morning Moon on my lids

Rigeletto on my lids
Oops! Pardon the smudged eye liner!
Nostalgia on my lids

Just like the first three eye shadows I bought, these have amazing soft and buttery textures. They glide on my lids and stay put even when I forget to apply eye primers. Morning Moon and Rigeletto are beautiful all over lid shades on me. Although Nostalgia has obvious sparkles, I have not experienced any fall out without.

I paid 2000 yen for each eye shadow pan and 1500 yen for Compact Case II.

I am very pleased with my buys and these will definitely get a lot of use because of how neutral they are.

Ratings: 5++ lipsticks