Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guerlain Rouge G 76 Gracy

I don't think Gracy will be my last Rouge G. I am totally hooked on these.

Gracy is what I would call a fun summery colour that is suitable for day wear. It is a bright coral pink that goes on a little less opaque as compared to Gladys. The formula is creamy and it feels great on my lips.

Here are all my Guerlain Rouge Gs altogether. 

From left to right; Geneva, Gracy, Gladys, Gigolo and Gala. These are truly hoard worthy lipsticks. The excellent formula matches the luxurious casing.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Food and miscellaneous ramblings

I am stuck at home at the moment, healing from a tooth extraction. How many of you fear the dentist? Me, I am deathly afraid. After watching a very traumatic experience that my mom had to go through when I was young, I decided to avoid the dentist at all costs. As children we were given free dental checkups and services in school but after secondary school I have not gone for a checkup until 5 years ago when I had the worst toothache. It kept me up the whole night and when I managed to see the dentist the next morning it was such a relief to get rid of the pain. I swore I would visit the dentist regularly but  (hides face) I didn't.

Well about more than 2 weeks ago I broke part of my tooth. I lasted about a week before I made myself go to the dentist. The sharp edge was rubbing my tongue and I was talking funny. The tooth was badly decayed and had to come out. I was so scared! I made another appointment to have it out on Monday and so for the previous few days I have been pigging out. 

Sunset Way has bakery gems I tell you. Drips Bakery has the nicest tarts and I just couldn't resist buying one.

Right opposite, Balmoral Bakery has been serving up the bet traditional cream cakes since 1965. I have a fondness for the vanilla cream cakes whereas hubs love the coffee cream cakes. Best eaten straight away, these cakes are soft and fluffy and the cream just enough for it not to be cloying.

Hubs had been trying his hand at baking meats in our little toaster oven. This time round we baked pork with potatoes, squash, carrots and tomatoes.

This was what I prepared for work lunch for the next few days. Spinach and minced meat pasta with cheddar cheese ready to go into the oven. I love my pasta!

So as I was saying, I was a total baby at the dentist yesterday. For one whole week I was freaking out about my impending "doom". Guess what it took less than 5 minutes to take that offending tooth out. The dentist was really kind, he numbed the area with cream before even injecting me so I felt very little. You cannot imagine my relief when I felt my tooth come out. All that freaking out for that. Gee I am embarassed. I am going to hide in shame right now. Have a good weekend people!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Guerlain Rouge G 78 Gladys

I am in love with Guerlain Rouge Gs. I feel a hoarding frenzy coming on really soon. After getting Geneva I knew I wanted more colours. Gracy was on my list after I first swatched it at Sephora but it was OOS and so I decided to get this online. Since I let Rose Grenat a limited edition piece slip my fingers I thought Gladys would be a close replacement. 

Beautiful casings!

Just one swipe!

Gladys is a strong bright fuchsia that leans a little to the plum side. It is opaque with just one pass. It is creamy and glides onto my lips like a dream. It wears well through meals yet does not dry out my lips. It is the epitome of luxury lipstick.

Top to bottom: Bright Plum and Gladys
Here is a comparison swatch with Burberry Bright Plum. I wanted to take out my Gigolo for a comparison but it was hiding somewhere and I was too lazy to find it. Bright Plum (very close to Gogolo I might add) will have to do.

USD 51

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

This is my whole look. I wore it out to watch Le Noir with hubs and a few gal pals.

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Apparence and Mirifique
My girlie and dance pal and I wore matchy matchy dresses without knowing it. How can I let a picture opportunity like that pass by.

Le Noir was a breathtaking and nail biting show. The acrobats were so strong. We were all gasping in surprise and wonder throughout the show. Unfortunately Le Noir has finished its run here in Singapore but if you ever get a chance to see you, you must!

Here was the view while hubs and I took a 'romantic' walk to get out car from the public carpark.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge No. 3 Light Rosewood

I love my Aqua Rouges. If I want something that will last the entire time these are the lip products I would pick. They have carried me through many dance performances without me having to worry about smudging and fading. Even though they are very tenacious they are kind of my lips. They don't dry my lips out.

Here are some the the Aqua Rouges I own.

(Taken from the press kit)

Aqua Rouge flirts with colors to offer long-lasting, irresistible kisses. Ultra-precise with two different applicator ends, it glides onto the lips with the simplest of gestures for spectacular results. The first applicator is made of foam and delicately applies a velvety, matte, high-coverage layer. The second applicator is a brush to roll out a vinyl-effect topcoat, guaranteeing impeccable color, all day long. A Haute Couture that literally dresses the lips in a tailor-made gown, the new Light Rosewood shade is the 18th color in this popular lip color line.

High in pigment concentration, Aqua Rouge ensures amazing coverage and is super water-resistant. Easy to
apply with a professional stroke, it comes with two different applicators for exceptional velvety shine.

• Promises long-lasting waterproof hold thanks to volatile oils and elastomer polymers that contribute to the
excellent fixation and staying powers.
• Mica mineral powder enhances ease of use by optimizing a smooth application and by intensifying the 
• The gelling agents guarantee the velvety texture and touch that go with Aqua Rouge comfort.

SGD $41

The wand which holds the pigment gives a matte colour. I usually wait for it to set and dry which takes a few seconds before I apply the gloss. The gloss gives a lacquered wet shine and seals the colour in. Generally when I reapply, I just top up the gloss, I don't see any need to reapply the pigment.

Light Rosewood is rose shade with hints of mauve I think. I love this on my lips. I use this with my stronger eye looks and Light Rosewood prevents me from looking washed out. Did I mention these are tenacious? In order to remove these I press a cotton pad soaked with Neutrogena Eyes and Lip Makeup Remover on my lips and hold it there for about 10 seconds and wipe off. If it isn't all off yet, repeat until it comes off entirely. Don't rub your lips, you will leave them sore and red.

Unlike the pastel shades, Light Rosewood works for my skintone. With Aqua Rouges I find the bright or dark colours working better for my skin tone.

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes

I love makeup brushes. They enhance the whole makeup application experience and with the right brush, that overly pigmented blush or sheer eye shadow can be work for you. The wonderful Make Up For Ever team sent me this gorgeous brush pouch containing a set of really interesting and useful set of brushes.

There are a total of 75 new brushes available. They are made all from engineered fibres so they are animal cruelty free brushes.  The handles are made of eco-certified dark brown beech wood. The brass ferrule is said to be be able to withstand humidity.

There are a total of 9 types of brushes.

Foundation brushes.
Powder brushes.
Concealer brushes.
Blush brushes.
Eyebrow brushes.
Eyeliner brushes.
Eyeshadow brushes.
Lip brushes.
Artistic brushes.

I have to say how much I am delighted to have this brush pouch. I have always struggled to find a proper brush bag that will not do too much damage to my precious brushes. Look at how spacious it is and best part, it can stand.

 I was given 5 brushes to try. I have to say that all the brushes feel soft on my face. 

The first belongs to the artistic range. The 414 Body Kabuki. I don't use other stuff on my body except for body lotion so I was at a loss of how I was going to use this. In the end I used it as a face powder brush on my face. Don't shoot me! SGD $70.

There are a total of 24 eye shadow brushes. This is 210 Round Shader Brush Small. SGD $40. I used this to smudge my pencil eye liner and pack pigment on top of it.

I honestly don't like buying dual ended brushes. I never know how to store them. Currently this is lying on my eye pencil drawer. 274 Double-Ended Angled Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush. I love the eyebrow brush, I use this everyday. It is stiff and I use this to blend out my eyebrow pencil. The eyelash brush isn't used as frequently.  SGD $49

I have been wanting to  own a portable lip brush for the longest time. I have been relying on the ip brush that comes along with my lip liners. It is flexible which makes blending and applying lipstick easy. When capped, it is short enough for me to put in my tiniest makeup pouch. 304 Lip Brush with Cap. SGD SGD $45.

Finally, the 158 Double-ended Sculpting Brush SGD $95. I use the angled end for contouring and applying bronzer and the round fluffy end to apply blush on the apples of my cheeks.

I am very happy with my new additions. Although they are not natural hair, they feel soft to touch. They feel a lot sturdier and I don't feel like I have to treat them like fragile things. They are alo well balanced and just the right length for me to use comfortably.

I have washed them and unlike the black natural fibres, they don't bleed. 

I won't buy double ended tools not because I don't like them but just because I don't know how to store them. My 158 is lying on the corner of my drawer so that the fibers aren't touching the table. I don't want to get them dirty. How do you store double ended tool. I can't even put them in a pouch without worrying about damaging the bristles.

I do find them pricy. Some are on par with the branded natural brushes. I wonder if it is because of the research that went into the bristles and the quality of the wood handles.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.